Tisane Sampler Pack - Fruit, Herbal, Rooibos blends

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  • 13-18 g/l
  • 10 -12 min
  • 100° C
  • Packaging: Loose tea
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Looking for more flavours in your daily routine? We have shortlisted 6 blends from our Fruit, Rooibos and Herbal collections to give you an introduction to the world of tisanes. This sampler set is perfect for people looking something different from traditional teas or who want to discover new flavors. The sampler consists of 20 g sampler packs of the following tisanes:

  1. Evening Herbal - This blend of multiple organic herbs will relieve stress and warm your body.
  2. Herb Basket - A name says it all - a combination of herbs which create a unique taste and aroma when put together.
  3. Magic Summer - Have you ever wondered how a summer would taste like? A mix of rooibos, strawberry and apple answers that question while lemongrass, marigold and spearmint add the magic to the taste, resulting in a fruit tea which will stimulate your imagination.
  4. Berry Love - Highest quality ingredients will make you remember this fruit tea all your life - just like the first love.
  5. Mint Raspberry - A a refreshing blend of rooibos, fruits and herbs.
  6. Men Tea Special  - Don't let the name trick you - this blend is great for both sexes

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