Taiwan Oriental Beauty Oolong

Price in reward points: 400
  • 10 - 13 g/l
  • 1 - 3 min
  • 90 - 95° C
  • Packaging: Loose tea
  • Reward Points: 8
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Origin: Pei Pu, Taiwan

Production year: 2018

Elevation: ~400 meters

Production: Highest grade, hand picked whole leaf oolong tea. Fermantation (oxidation) 50 - 60%

This handpicked, whole leaf 'Top Super Fancy' oolong tea from Taiwan is recognised as one of the top oolongs produced on the island. It has a distinctive floral aroma combined with a smooth, slightly sweet taste. This Oriental Beauty is the highest quality oolong that will create an unforgettable tea drinking experience for you.

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