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Now strength is often considered more desirable than endurance.

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If anything muscle mass is emphasized too much. Hopefully that leads to a love of strength instead of littleness. There are a lot of people in the fitness industry doing great things, even though some of the mainstream sources are still negative. Maybe the next fitness trend will be a totally wholesome one and Cosmo will move a little bit away from promoting perpetual weight loss. Fingers crossed!

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Hey, I just want to say I love this article! Despite its length, its fantastic and I actually read the whole thing ?? I am definitely a naturally thin girl and my whole adolescent and early adult life I struggled with the opposite body image issues that all the other girls had. I thought I was TOO thin. Fast forward about yrs, and I now help others craft HEALTHY bodies.

I did all the wrong things first, but over the years I learned that you can absolutely get results if you want to work for them. kudos to you for this great article! I checked out your blog-very cool. There is! Bony to Beastly. If you dig this article, check that one out: Bony to Beastly-Ectomorph Aesthetics Full Article.

This is a very good article, Shane. It is very informative. I usually want a thin body, but now I am more to healthy body. Thanks for this article. I was a sprinter in school and we spent 9 months every year training for almost 10 years.

After college, life starts. I have no energy. I still have body tone, though it may not as strong as before. And no matter how much I eat I still never gain weight. It can help us perceive things in positive ways and have a positive outlook on life. When I read about this article, it made me glad things in my early life, being sporty. Yeah, friends and those close to me always wished they had a body like mine. So girls, I definitely agree with this article. It is just being confident, healthy, glowing, and strong while still looking feminine.

Your writing flows smoothly, you cover your bases, and you make an excellent point. Well done! Loved this article! It is informative on the scientific level, and you related it to everyday life. I really like how the healthiest bodies are the most attractive and that makes complete sense considering evolution.

Maybe we have taken for granted watching these amazing athletes with these toned track butts, while doing things most men or women are not capable of doing. These toned glutei maximi, high-powered athletes at the peak of their game will make it very hard for anyone of us to make a decision on who takes this medal home. Here's what we came up with. Scroll down for video: The picture of 5'8? The most attractive butt size. The hips are the hub of a woman's strength, with the main muscles there being the glutes. Of all the muscles in your body, your it's your butt that has the most potential for growth. The only muscles that could rival your glutes in terms of sheer size are your quads, which can also make your hips appear wider (although much less so). This means that the Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins Top 10 Most Beautiful Caterpillars The Highest Paid TV Stars Per Episode The Top 10 Ballsiest Cons Pulled off by Teens Top 10 Best And Worst Celebrity Tippers 10 Creepypasta Tales To Keep You Up All Night 10 Brilliant Tricks To Appear Smart In Your Next Meeting 10 of The Most Heavily Guarded Locations on The Entire Planet 10 Hottest Pornstars of Spring Top 25 Hottest Female Porn Stars

Survival of the fittest. After reading the male version of this article I decided to skip over to the female, pretty much expecting to see the typical schtick about the ideal feminine. But I read, and surprisingly found myself reading further, because every point made really clicked and made a lot of sense.

Also this article made me think of the old me from high school that actually lifted weights, and had a very toned back and arms, and how much I miss that old version of myself.

Of course in a healthy way ?? And yes good comments on posture; I want to read a lot more of your articles! Thank you so much for the motivation; definitely bookmarking this! Have a good one. This was a very interesting article to read. People will tell me I look great and fit but I truth is, I hate it.

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All this to say, your article was the first thing in a long time that kind of made me stop and think. Hopefully I can change my mindset before I waste another 10 years hating everything about the way I look. I think us men are that way too.

I think the mainstream media is already starting to take a turn for the better. Strength and health seems to be starting to become a little more popular nowadays. Hopefully that continues on. Is it possible to reach the 0. For some people reaching a 0.

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Even from an optimal attractiveness standpoint, some of the studies found that having a healthy body fat percentage was more important than specific proportions. How much fat mass do you have around your waist? And what waist and hip measurements do you have currently? And for many people, losing weight would indeed be a good way to improve that ratio.

It really depends on the person and their goals. I find this article a bit offensive to be honest.

I train purely for strength only; having a big bench, squat and deadlift. Not every woman cares about being attractive to a man. Some of us train for strength only. My goal is a big bench.

Pure strength. Placing an emphasis on aesthetics is harmful in my opinion. The focus should be on performance. How much stronger are you? Not as to how men might perceive us. It is already offensive enough that most men think that women train to be attractive to them which is untrue as many women, me included, do NOT train for looks or aesthetics but to perpetuate that with this type of article is just offensive and rubbish.

You should not assume that most females train for looks or to be sexy to men. I think that many women agree with you, and I do as well. Very much so. As for why I wrote this article in the first place, I asked our readers what they most wanted me to cover, and they said they wanted a female version of our article on the most attractive male bodywhich is one of our most popular articles for men. Anyway, I think your goals are awesome, and I wish they were more common.

And if the 65 to pound deadlift is your own progress-congratulations!

If you're a butt connoisseur like us, we know how much time you're spending to find the best butts to look at. We did the hard work for you and put together the best rears on the internet in this article. 10 Best Rears You Should Be Following on Instagram 1. Jen Selter. View this post on Instagram. A post shared by Jen Selter (@jenselter) Jen Selter is a year old internet celebrity In fact, both Brazil and China require contestants in their beautiful butt contests to have a completely natural butt, with no surgical enhancement of any kind. In , Cibelle Ribeiro, a favorite in Brazil's Miss BumBum contest, was almost disqualified after refusing to take an X-ray. She eventually caved, and was allowed to stay after submitting proof that her butt was au naturel. In Sep 16, Instagram. There's only one more weekend left before the official start of autumn and while white after Labor Day is totally encouraged, bikinis after summer are a bit harder to pull

The author is perpetutating the myth that women train only to look good for men. Many of us train for strength; a big squat, deadlift not looks. The author is offensive because he thinks his opinion on what is attractive is important enough that we should care. Some of us train for strength and performance.

Some of us are even stronger than you. This post is specifically about attractiveness. Jackie I disagree. I think is one of the rare articles on female form and body type that simply describes common perception differences in attractiveness between the sexes, backed up by scientific references. It comes more of a put down on men who like big breasts to make small breasted women feel better I say this as a small breasted woman. What this article fail to state which is surprising coming from a male that men do actually have different preferences.

Some men like muscular and defined womensome men find that off putting. if it is universal that what men find attractive is a small waist and wide hips, why is Kate Upton popular among many men?

She barely has the ideal waist hip ratio - the very skinny models have more pronounced WHR than Kate Upton. While the author has not directly bashed a body type and breast preference, he has reinforced many of the UNFOUNDED stereotypes.

Many articles online are not really scientific especially if they are free. Again, do men who prefer large breast tend to be poor, hungry and sexist? That is like saying that men who prefer small breasts tend to be pedophiles? now aint that sexist? Maybe men who prefer small breasts are sexists too given that they want a submissive partner? While I do not question the intention of the author, I think that an article like this,which especially ignores than diversity in mens tastes, reinforces body image obsession.

He specifically mentioned small waist and the bottom. What does that send to women who are already struggling with body image? MUst get small waist, must get round bum! Not all women can get round bottoms and small waist compared to hips.

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Even glute expert, Bret Contreras, say this so in his blog. Unfortunately, the author has accidentally crossed that slippery slope. The better advise of the author would be work with what you have as long as you are healthy.

Focus on healthy because if the focus is healthy, aesthetics will naturally follow. Compare that to when aesthetics is primary, it does not always follow that it is healthy. Take a look at the photo above, it says, slim, average, curvyThe word curvy seem to have been used in a PC way rather than actual meaning. It depends one bone structure pelvic width and fat distribution patterns some women deposit fat in the stomach, some in the hips, some in the boobs.

Made for an interesting discussion about gender, sexuality and attraction. Love this website it has been what I have been looking for. My trainer has been treating me like I joined the gym to lose weight when I joined the gym to gain muscle! Bonus though love love the new curves I have and the definition I have now!! And I can definitely relate with your struggles to find advice for skinny people.

Dear Shane, WOW what an amazing resource you guys put together! Your knowledge and genuine caring for people really shines through. Still trying to get the form of the deadlift right - and how fast should I come up once to complete the movement? If your butt is lagging behind your leg muscles you might want to add in some lifts that preferentially work your glutes.

To do that, try adding in some glute bridges and hip thrusts! Although the intention of this blogpost was good, I think people should take this article and the references with a grain of salt. I somewhat agree with Jackie here about the implication of training for aesthetics. Hello make up, tanners, hair extensions. Just look up youtube for testimonies!

Also I am getting the feel that this is riding the skinny bashing trend in the internet and media that I have been seeingbut at the same time ignoring the rampant obesity. Also, breast perkiness cannot be achieved by building pecs, it has more to do with skin elasticity and the ligaments that hold the breast up.

Those articles were not even peer reviewed nor were they really scientific. In addition, what qualifies as small or large breast? Often times people just say the cup size which makes no sense since cup sizes must exist with band size.

I can claim that I am a A,B,C,D,DD, cup! That is 36A, 34B, 32C, 30D, 28DD! and to be honest, these sizes are in the smaller side. What qualifies as skinny, tender, average, fat? People interpret these words differently. But to be honest, she was far from skinny! I think the concept of skinny or thin is so distorted in the US because of the rampant obesity, that even a HEALTHY slender person is being accused of being anorexic. If you look at the cover models, they arent thinner than playboy models.

Most cover models are actually actresses of normal weight. In addition, most photos in professional photography are photoshopped. And models are models in the runway not because they are attractive - how many runway models do you think have pretty faces? Most of the runway models are unknown to most women and most women do not watch those especially that runway shows often have over the top fashion.

The runway models are chosen mostly because they dont attract attention to their bodies, which in consequence highlight the garmet. Another thing, the coveted hourglass shape is actually the RAREST body shape.

One thing that amazes me about the Western world is that a lot of people are talking about going to the gym to be badass but at the same time rely of machines and modern conveniences to do choresI dont go to the gym but I walk a lot and do lots of chores and work in retail. Jackie makes a strong point often ignored and berated.

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Training solely for aesthetics is harmful. This can be seen by a higher eating disorder among fitness enthusiasts especially those who join fitness competitions where they have to follow a strict diet in order to build muscle and cut fat.

It is to my observation that the fitness craze is heading the way of the pro-ana people. Paleo, Zone, Atkinsthese are fitness lingos. Fake boobs are also common among fitness competitors. I guess the bottomline is, most Americans do not really do this genuinely for health reasons but for the sake of jumping in the bandwagon.

The carb is bad is not solely a pro ana mantra, it is the holy grail of some fitness subcultures. Another thing: if men do really care about the slim waist, why is Kate Upton popular among men to the point of being featured in SI 3 times? The lady has nice boobs but she does not have waist, hips and her legs are as skinny as the runway models but with her weight concentrated in the.

This is less pronounced in her SI photoshoots but raw videos and unedited paparrazzi photos show her actual figure. Reality does not seem to jive with what people claim. If hourglasses are the attractive ones, how come many men are marrying rectangles? Maybe it really isnt always about aesthetics. I think it is rather sad that the definition of feminine in the US is so superficial - boobs, hips, long hair, make up, tight clothes. aesthetics only last a few decades and when biology kicks in, everything will sag and be wrinklyfeminine grace, however is until you die and is something you can teach your daughters.

Besides, if Americans let go of many modern conveniences, many would not need to go the the gym to get fit. Americans dont wash the dishes anymore, they put it in the dishwasher! Americans dont chop their food anymore, they buy it prechopped. We used the best research we could find. Much of it is peer reviewed. Some is not. However we tried to look at the entire body of evidence here. We tried to note the limitations and include our sources. If you find any peer-reviewed studies or meta-analyses or whatnot that contradict anything in this article we can reevaluate our position ??.

We never meant to bash anyone. The reason we wrote this article was because we got so many requests to write an article about aesthetics, so I thought readers would appreciate more details and research ??. I also think people can train for whatever reason or goal that they want. It seems that you cannot decide if appearance tell health or not.

It some part, that is what it indicates, sometimes it is not. What the heck? Especially with the picture you presented. Take a look at the first diagram, it says slim and FIT Female choice. Do you know what FIT actually means? Fit has more to do with physical ability, right? And it is not an appearance, right? Oftentimes it does. Of course, on the flip side, sometimes people can look healthy and not actually be healthy.

If you haven't heard of this one before, it is widely agreed that a waist-to-hip ratio of in women is generally found to be the most attractive by men. Waist-to-hip ratio can be found by taking a circumference measurement around your waist, and again around your hips. Divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement to find your WHR 9. Sami B. Sami B does more than just post photos on Instagram-she's also designed a variety of fitness regimens and started a web-based workout routine calls "The New Year Challenge. ". 10 Diet and fitness. Sexy girl. beautiful woman. model lady bikini underwear big ass butt booty sit edge of water swim pool on the roof of. Luxury resort hotel nice sea scenery long. Beautiful girl with big breasts and sexy ass in swimsuit sunbathing on black sand beach. Side view, beautiful girl with big breasts and sexy ass in swimsuit

Seriously good job! I found some very interesting facts as well. Quite enlightening! This 0. Maybe being fit and happy is more important than tickling male primitive brain parts ??. I agree, Mel! Not only is the 0. We go into more detail in that section. I loved the article and everything you write on Bony to Beastly. However, you need to tell me the difference between Slim and Fit, Strong and Toned, and Strong and Curvy.

The problem here is, I hate advising anyone to restrict caloric intake while not toning up- gives that emaciated look, but do you have any thoughts for girls who feel they are TOO muscly?

Women build muscle wonderfully well. That kind of thing. Having a lower protein intake while in a calorie deficit would cause muscle loss as well. If they want a sinewy rock climber body though I think a calorie deficit would probably do the trick regardless of how they lift. My build is curvy, and larger than average which is to my advantage when it comes to strength.

I read through some comments and most were very complimentary. I found that some women took issue with this article, and although you very tactfully appreciated their comments, I wanted to focus on one point that stood out to me. I noticed that some complained that they felt you made the focus of working out to be about appearances. Admittedly when you are young all you want is to look like the pretty girls in school.

But I think this article points to being healthy and fit as sexy. This articles helps those of us in that torn mental state know that we should be proud of our strength and not worry about not looking like everyone else. Your article was well written,I laughed often,and I checked the studies a few times when I was surprised by a statement even did an informal poll of my guy friends on a couple of things. This is the type of article that reinvigorates my drive to be healthy, and helps me be less concerned when the occasional negative comment is made and focus on how good my lifestyle is for me.

Thank you for taking the time to write such an encouraging, funny, and informative article.

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A deadlift and a pound squat at a bodyweight of ?! Badass nickname, too. Thank you so much for the kind words! That was exactly the message I was trying to get across and also what my research showed!

I loved your article. I read it over a period of 3 nights after working out and shared the research with my mother. We loved it!

Also, the examples were great and helped support your article. Really glad we could help, Nikki!

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Good luck!! By holding my breath my waistline is 3 inches smaller.

What do you recommend. Also my BMI is slightly overweight but I feel healthy.

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I can carry 20 litres of water in a bucket up a flight of stairs comfortably. Should I be worried about my BMI. One last thing, I have strong glutes and all but I dont know if I should worry about how much of it is fat or muscle.

My butt is a bit jiggly. As far as your appearance goes, I have a feeling most people will probably notice your strengths more than your weaknesses. The fat we store in our midsection is the least healthy kind of fat.

I felt that way for years when trying to transform myself. Have you been able to eat in a calorie deficit, i. Able to get most of your calories from minimally processed whole foods? Have you been successful in sticking to a regular weightlifting program? Are you sleeping well?

Are Menís Butts a Turn-On?

Those things are all far easier said than done. Your butt is probably made up of both fat and muscle. If you start lifting and eating well to lose the belly though, your butt will probably get leaner and more muscular ??.

Hi - great article! My bf has finally convinced me that hours of weekly cardio will never change my body. I want to continue gaining muscle and lose my squishy belly once and for all. I actually love to work out and eat healthfully.

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What do you think? Thank you very much! If someone is looking to get strong and lean we can help them do that ??. In that sense, I believe this article is very relevant because it has a different narrative than almost every other article on this matter.

It also teaches women who happen to be ectomorphs how to attain a certain type of physique. I ask because from my perspective many of the women whose pictures you posted on this website are skinny, but many are not. I also have a fair amount of muscle mass naturally and obtained through hard workfew bones sticking out and what I would say is a robust bone structure.

My BMI puts me at the frontier between mild thinness and normal weight and my BF is relatively low but still healthy. How do you assess that? Your weight is relatively low as well. However everyone is different. My sister is the same. Very long, very thin bones.

She could become much stronger, much more curvaceous, but never bulky. My mum is the opposite. Her bone structure is thicker and heavier and even when very thin her limbs were thicker and she was much heavier.

This is hilarious and awesome! I have worked out seriously my entire life and did competitive weightlifting in high school. I am pretty small, but I always figured weightlifting would scare guys off. Nice to know it mostly works the other way around ??. This is the first time I found this website and I must say how much I really appreciate the knowledge behind this article for women who wants to build that eye-popping physique.

Even though I was born really thin and had ups and downs with my weight, despite my athleticism as a girl I played Rugby, track and field,etc. By any chance, how long does it take to build the ideal butt? Not to mention, how often? That depends! It also depends on what you consider the ideal butt to be. Building a Nikki Minaj butt might take a combination of world class genetics and surgery! However generally the further back you start, the faster your progress will be initially.

How often? Do you mean how often do you need to train it?

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Maybe twice, maybe four times, but three is the sweet spot for most. Great article! Well written! Two thumbs up! I feel like I gained a lot from it. A lot of guys are attracted to that look including myself. Many guys are attracted to multiple body styles.

If you choose to workout, do it for your health. However, if someone is motivated to go to the gym because they want to look better and the health benefits are a nice wholesome byproduct would that be wrong?

I really enjoyed reading your article. It is so true. I am a natural mesomorph figure. I am white with large calf muscles and arched foot. I have the figure for ballet dancing I have been told many times as I am 5ft 3. I would say I am almost hour glass but my shoulders are slightly larger.

I would not change me in anyway. I love having muscular legs. Men go crazy for them. I am lucky that they have a shape and curve at my ankles. I am a 36b and would not want to be bigger.

They are in proportion to my body. Most of my training is dance classes including zumba. Having massive boobs and dancing would put a strain on my body.

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I gain weight quickly and lose it quickly. I was a size 8 and three boyfriends told me i was underweight. I was loosing too much from my legs, bum, boobs.

Now I am a size eight to ten. But I have a bit more meat on me. I prefer this and my current boyfriend does too. Maybe if you are very flat chested. But if not be happy with your lots. The bigger they are the more they head south in later life!

Men love a woman who is a healthy weight and trains. The gym empowers me and my knowledge of nutrition too.

I am very pale and I am against tanning. All skin colours glow with health. I have clear skin that glows because of exercise, good skin care and diet. I only wear make up on special occasions.

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Men often go crazy for a women who has just finished a work out. No make up and glowing. You have to love yourself and work with what you were given to be the best version of yourself. Well said. Unfortunately, like you said, most women talking about body image seem to fixate more on losing body fat than gaining muscle mass.

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It seems rarer to find a straight male guy who thinks that the fashion model thin physique is the ideal. Given that it also usually boosts strength and health, seems like a no brainer for many. Your comic book example is a good one. While those physiques both male and female are incredibly exaggerated and scantily cla it does go to show that a lean muscular look can be just as feminine as it can be masculine ??.

i am nearly sixteen, and have quite a curvy shape probably the 0. I know this would differ for a lot of people, but is there a certain age-range for that happening, do you know? great article, by the way. i agree with one of the comments that the focus should be on health before anything, but it does feel like an affirmation that I have an attractive body shape as I am!

thanks ??. Good genetics can mean a variety of things depending on the context. When it comes to body composition and aesthetics it could relate to hormones notably estrogen and testosteronewhere you tend to store body fat storing it in your butt is often better than storing it in your stomachsymmetry, how many fat cells you have, how many nuclei are in your muscle cells, the length of your muscle bellies and tendons, the size of your stomach, etc.

Lifestyle deserves more credit than it gets too. What does it mean when it said women use estrogen to send signals to store fat in the butt and thighs instead of the stomach? It just means that when most women gain weight, some of it will end up in their stomachs, but most of it will be stored in their hips and breasts. With men, however, most fat will be stored in the stomach, with smaller amounts in the hips and chest.

This is due to different hormones. If you put a man on hormone replacement therapy, giving him female hormones, he would start start storing fat in his breasts and hips. Hello, I loved reading this article. Just lost 40 pounds after 10 years of being overweightweight I thought I would never lose. Trying to look at my body realistically and appreciate my new curves and my strength seems as though carrying around an extra 40 pounds has put on some muscle that this weight loss has uncovered.

I would say I have to go but want to focus on keeping my sexy as I go. I am considering the program. Perhaps I missed this but in general, what is the body fat percentage that men find most attractive on women? Depending on where you store it and depending on the man, more might be incredibly attractive too.

So long as you look fit and healthy, it tends to look pretty amazing ??. Eating in a caloric surplus, which is how weight is gained, causes not just fat gain, but also muscle gain.

When fairly overweight most weight loss is fat. Your site is just great! I wanted to ask you might me a dumb question ,how you measure the ratio? Thanks Emmeline! To measure the CA:AB ratio, first take a look at the last diagram in this post.

You need to work out where the points marked A, B and C are located on your body use the descriptions in the post to see where each point is. Then measure between points C and A - this is the CA measurement, which is the first number in the ratio. After that, measure between point A and B. This is the AB measurement.

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Awesome, thanks Brenna! A hot girl with the IQ of a cinder block and no intellect or personality is not cute. No butts about it. I think part of the turn-on is that she cares enough about herself not to look all droopy and crusty. That in itself is attractive to me. Guys are wired a bit differently as you know. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I accept the Privacy Policy. Ideal for what? Ideal to who? So, What Is Thought of as the Ideal Butt These Days?

I discovered a few different evaluation models in my research. Different Types of Butt Shapes One technique by Mendieta classifies the buttocks by analyzing the anatomy that gives rise these four different butt shape categories [1].

Waist to Hip Ratios Then there is the age-old theory of waist-to-hip ratio WHR. Waist circumference: Shiffman and A. Di Giuseppe pg 10 What is the Ideal Amount of Butt Projection This same team wanted to know, what is the ideal amount of butt projection?

We've covered so many women with awe-inspiring "assets" in the past, we thought it was time to round up a bootylicious list of some of the most impressively endowed women on Instagram. Amazing butts know no bounds, and gorgeous women from all walks of life have them. This bottom-heavy Hall of Fame pans fitness enthusiasts, Victoria's Secret supermodels, Internet fameballs, and plenty of Instagram babes.

To celebrate this never-ending age of ass, we've rounded up some of the most shapely derrieres you'll ever lay eyes on. We had to start off with the undisputed queen of the belfie, whose beguiling backside has garnered about a gazillion Instagram followers and changed butt selfie game forever. Sommer Ray. This year-old fitness model has a dazzling derriere and a seriously impressive Not only does Amanda have more than 7 million loyal Instagram fans, she's got her own e-book, Build a Booty with Amanda, and an ass-tastic calendar.

If you recognize this booty-ful Instababe, it's probably from one of the countless fitness mag covers or television networks she's appeared on.

Kim Kardashian. How could we make a list of fantastic butts and not include Kim K?

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