Green Tea Sampler Pack

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A selection of our premium quality green teas will let you try out 6 green teas from different regions and different styles. This is a perfect choice for a beginner tea drinker who wants an introduction into green tea world. The sampler consists of 20 g size bags of the following teas:

  1. China Sencha Green Tea - China. Mild green tea with a large leaf and a golden yellow cup from Anhui province in China, grown at around 250 meters above the sea level.
  2. China Gunpowder Green Tea - China. The tea has a harsh taste, unique smell and slightly higher caffeine levels than other green teas. Athletes commonly drink gunpowder teas to increase endurance for a short period of time.
  3. Taiwan Long Jing Dragon Well - Taiwan. Hand picked whole leaf green tea. Panned fried, rolled and dried. The tea is not left to oxidise so it has a natural smooth vegetal taste, accompanied by light aroma with a hint of freshly cut grass.
  4. Steamed Darjeeling Nagri Farm Green Tea - India, Darjeeling. This Darjeeling green tea is hand picked to ensure the quality of tea leaves, produces traditional muscatel notes. 
  5. Kenya Kosabei Sencha Green Tea - Kenya. Kosabei tea estate shares some similar properties to traditional sencha green tea growing plots in Shizuoka, Japan. The tea is processed using the Japanese method of steaming the tea leaves before production which results in an extraordinary green tea with hints of moss and honey.
  6. China Jasmine Green Tea - China. Jasmine flavored green tea from China with a light, aromatic taste.

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