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About us in less than 300 words:

Currently, we are a team of 2 die-hard tea lovers. We have started this online tea store in the summer of 2017 with a simple wish to make premium quality tea more available to tea enthusiasts worldwide. As the name suggests, our focus is on organic teas and blends with organic ingredients. Even though we currently do not have the required organic certifications for our packaging process, we source certified organic teas or teas, grown according to organic farming requirements. Quality and flexibility are our two main strengths – we carefully pick the teas we are selling and do not sell anything that we do not enjoy ourselves. Sample sized (20 g) bags and free shipping option adds flexibility – you can order as low as 1 tea to try out and we will ship it to wherever youlive in the world! Try it out and if you like it – come back for more. I am very pleased that during the first 12 months of our business, we have received orders from 30 different countries, almost 50% of our customers have ordered more than once and the number of different teas available tripled! If you want to know what some of our customers think about our teas, visit RateTea - it is a large database of tea related information that we encourage our customers to use for expanding their knowledge and reviewing our products.

This has been a great journey for us. Thank you for being a part of it and welcome if you are just joining us!

Best wishes from Lithuania,

Team Organic Herbie