About Us


We offer quality.

The tea we sell is farmed and processed according to the European Union's legislation on organic farming (Euro-Leaf). This way we can guarantee the highest quality of our products!

We offer flexibility.

The idea behind Organic Herbie is to offer you a chance to create your own tea drinking experience. Whether you drink only that one special tea or like to try a new one every day, at our store you will be able to create a routine that suits you! Did not find what you were looking for? Send us an email, fill in 'Contact us' form or get a hold of us on Facebook - we will try to help you out!


We offer transparency.

At our store you are able to calculate the price of your order beforehand. No hidden charges, taxes or shipping costs! You will pay 2 EUR + 0.75 EUR for each 10 g of tea and we will mail it to you without charges to any corner of the world!

a few words about us

Our story is quite simple - we are all tea lovers and want to have an easy and affordable way to enjoy premium quality tea. We started Organic Herbie to improve the tea drinking experience among fellow tea lovers and tackle these specific issues:
  • Huge shipping costs
  • Overpriced teas
  • No flexibility in size options

If you feel the same way about tea we invite you to collaborate with us in creating something special for the tea community!