White Monkey Green Tea

Price in reward points: 400
  • 10 - 13 g/l
  • 2 - 3 min
  • 75-80° C
  • Packaging: Loose tea
  • Reward Points: 6
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Origin: China, Fujian Province, Wuyi Mountain

Production year: 2018 late March - early April

Elevation: 750 - 1,500 meters

Production Method: Hand picked, Orthodox

The harvest of this tea begins early in the morning within the first two weeks of the new season's tea growth - late March to early April. Only the top 2 leaves and a bud are carefully plucked from the tea bush. This way, the tea leaves are still "hairy" when the steaming and drying process is started. Even though it is classified as a green tea, it has visual appearance of white tea and could be easily mistaken. The taste is exceptional nonetheless.

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