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About Organic Herbie in the media 

"Towards the beginning of the sip, you are greeted with these tame vegetal notes that quickly turn into a much sweeter finish that again turn towards a vegetal finish.  The subtle combination of the vegetal and sweet tones really captured my heart.  Not to sweet but also not to veggie like. The perfect in between profile for sure, giving you the best of both worlds." - read full review of our China Bancha Organic tea at

"Our tea is organic and adheres to the highest Euro-Leaf standards. We aim to offer tea lovers accross the globe exactly what they are looking for - a cup of premium quality tea". Read full interview with team Organic Herbie about organic tea, idea to start online tea business and first steps here (in Lithuanian).

Organic Herbie opens online tea store! Spend 1 minute to learn about our offer to tea lovers, the pain points in the tea industry and how we tackle them and our future plans. Read the full announcement here (in English).