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On one of Sydney's excruciatingly hot days, sweat pooled under my unsupported breasts and my thighs stuck to my synthetic office chair.

I was extremely uncomfortable and desperate to cover up. On other days, though, my nudity was liberating and fun.

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There were even a few moments where I felt profoundly present in my body. Then, one rainy afternoon, I ran into the backyard to rescue some laundry on the washing line.

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I'd forgotten I was nude, but the feeling of big bulbous raindrops on my skin was heavenly. It was something I hadn't experienced since childhood, and so joyful that I even sashayed around doing a bit of a dance before dashing back into the house with the laundry basket. Apart from one accidental FaceTime incident sorry, Jo! By the end of the week, my nudity seemed to be business as usual. But what I absolutely gained was a sense of "knowing" about my body, as if I had rekindled a childhood friendship, or come home after a long and arduous journey.

There are legitimate reasons why nudity is good for you.

As mentioned, University of London researchers discovered that naturists who took part in an online survey have higher self-esteem than their fully clothed peers. They also had better body image and were happier in general. The human body is a beautiful thingand yes, there's a time and place for everything.

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RELATED: Why I Went To A Nudist Camp And Let My Body Run Free. My eldest was very aware of this difference between Spain and the United States even as a little girl. So up until she started puberty, she wore her hair in a bob and went to the beach or the pool wearing boy's swimming trunks.

Most of the time she'd be mistaken for a boy, but sometimes people asked. I would say, "Yeah, she's a girl.

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This whole deal of wearing swimming trunks came about after she was told at 4 years old to wear a top at a public pool - at four years old! I remember asking the pool manager why my daughter had to cover up because she didn't even have breasts. He said it was a rule.

I'm glad my daughter did find a way around it: boy's swimming trunks. And for that, I'm proud of her. Lorraine C. Founder and CEO of Viva Fifty!

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We adults are not nudists, but we are very respectful of others, and we have never seen inappropriate behavior by the four kids. Thanks for sharing your experiences here, what is right for each family in terms of boundaries around nudity and privacy varies widely, but it sounds like you and your sister have a very open and respectful relationship with each other and with your parents.

My Daughters And I Love Being Naked Together - And It's No Big Deal. I have no qualms walking around being naked around my kids. And they do the same with me. We Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins AMANDA Holden is always naked at home and will only put a dressing gown on if there's a knock at the door. The Britain's Got Talent judge, 48 was joined by her Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins After spending a week naked at home, the prospect of stripping off in public became less daunting. In fact, when I misunderstood an email about this article and Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

It's good to hear that respect and appropriate behaviour remains at the centre of your relationships with your kids and each other now as adults. Nothing unusual at all IMO. I'm married to my second wife of six years. I have a 14yo daughter and she has a 13yo son, both from previous marriages. We raised them to have no body issues growing up and it has continued into their teens.

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Both have no issue walking around naked, especially on hot summer days. I've even walked past my daughter's room and my step-son will be sitting on her bed talking to her as she is naked getting ready for bed.

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We also have a pool and we will all skinny dip and sunbathe. Nudity is a purely natural thing as long as nothing sexual is happening.

Teenagers love showing their bodies off to others if they are confident young people. As a teenage boy I enjoyed getting about naked in front of family members.

Certainly never discouraged it. I think if your young fit and appealing you know that others enjoy seeing you naked. Thanks for your response, it sounds like your parents were pleased that they raised a child who felt confident and comfortable in their body - and that should certainly be celebrated!

With the rise of social media it can often be really tough for young people to feel this way about their appearance so it can be good to acknowledge celebrating all bodies however we're comfortable to do this.

Seeing our two boys nude over the years, and into their teens as well, has allowed us as parents to have pride in the boy's fitness as they have grown. It also allowed us to visually monitor how they were progressing through puberty, as as we noticed certain physical changes, to have good conversations with each son about those changes and his maturity.

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On occasion, I was also pleasantly surprised when one or both of our sons came to me with questions about wet dreams, erections and masturbation. Hannah mention too about social media pressures that kids sometimes are faced with, and I would add bullying and rejection that they sometimes face from school chums.


Teens who feel "accepted, loved and encouraged" by parents are stronger and better able to cope with the pressures and problems in life. It may not be acceptable in all families, but if nudity and showering together by teens is handled appropriately, then those kids and their families, are stronger for it.

Alfie, As your teen years increased, did you at some teenage stop being nude in front of your parents? You must be a very young parent, who had a very sheltered childhood growing up. I do not mean this as an insult or criticism of your parenting abilities.

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This is just a blunt observation, based on what you have said, and primarily, what you left unsaid. The rest of the world sees American citizens as PRUDES.

I am live with my perents and my twin sister. my perents fly a lot for work so Most of the time it's jast me and my siter. we both like to be naked and we So to start off I'm 15 and my bother is 22, earlier I was taking a long shower, once I got out my brother came back and he didn't know I took a shower and went into Mom often went topless at home. When we would go camping, dad would go fishing, and mom sis and I would go swimming in the lake. After swimming, the three of us Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

SEXUAL PRUDES, with a backwards perception of body image, nudity, sex, and relationships. And for the most part, they are absolutely correct in that assessment of our cultural norms and widely accepted social conventions. I am not alarmed too hear that your kids don't have a problem with nudity in view of each other, because that is normal, healthy human behavior.

I'm extremely alarmed that you have a problem with it at all. A healthy family relationship dynamic among siblings would involve them being indifferent or very comfortable with nudity on a daily basis. Sexualizing nudity is not okay, and even though I have nothing against sex, I think it's a wonderful thing, but I do not believe that nudity is sex, because it's not, and the rest of the world population would agree with me on that point.

My sis naked at home

Unfortunately, my million fellow Americans do not. Your discomfort, and lack of first person perspective understanding, about the Dynamics of nudity between your kids, not only contradicts World conventional views, but American conventional views up until the early 80's when male siblings were required to be naked in front of thier sisters, unfortunately there was a double standard there, but at least they got that equation half right.

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Just a mass Insanity among our own population here in America that deny that such conventions of masculine nudity in school and at the YMCA ever happened. Well, it happened, because I was a part of that culture, whether I wanted to be, or not.

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