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Here are all the dirty details of my experience.

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Some hotel spas will provide paper underwear. It was clear this would be the case when my attendant handed me a towel, motioned that I take off my robe, and led me to a steam room after I walked out of the changing room. I was traveling with a friend, which helped ease some of the awkwardness. My friend was directed through another opening to a more private shower, and I was asked to take off my towel and paper underwear as I was rinsed off.

After letting my skin absorb this goo, it was back to the shower to be rinsed. Then came exfoliation. This part of the experience is uniquely Moroccan and taken very seriously. I was scrubbed with what seemed like sandpaper from head to toe, and think an entire layer of skin came off my body through this process, as I wondered what a normal amount of dead skin to come off was it felt surprisingly good, but was definitely intense.

Next came a calming clay mask. After application, the attendant covered me with a cloth and motioned for me to close my eyes. After about 30 minutes laying on the marble slab, she came back, led me to the shower to rinse off again, and pointed to some provided hair products.

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I fully showered this time, was finally handed a towel, and led to a room where I was asked if I wanted a massage. Unsure if this was included in the price, I politely said no. Instead, she quickly applied lotion over my entire body and handed my robe back. After an overwhelming but ultimately relieving experience, I followed her to the relaxation room, where a kettle full of mint tea was waiting for me. Flora Baker is the founder and editor of Flora the Explorer, where she writes about her travels around the world, her volunteering exploits and her ongoing attempt to become fluent in Spanish by talking to anyone who'll listen.

Follow her on FacebookTwitterand Instagram. Thanks for this! I went to a hammam for the first time in Istanbul with Becki, for a matter of fact! and I was outrageously embarrassed at first, keeping my arms crossed indignantly over my chest. But, after I started to relax, I tried to embrace the uniqueness of the situation.

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I think I would try it again in the future - maybe in Morocco this time ??. Haha I can totally imagine the indignant outrage! I got scrubbed down by a man at a hammam in Turkey, but kept on my swimsuit and was definitely glad I did! Wonderful post. One of my biggest regrets is not trying a hammam while in Damascus back in I ran out of time and was never able to experience it there. I never tried it in Syria either, and I wish I had. I love this story!

What you describe is a very universal experience across the world. And a public bathhouse in Japan. And yet even being just the two of us with the ladies at the hammamI was still so aware of just how exposed I felt! I did visit a hammam while I was in Marrakech and the experience was quite similar to yours: I found a local one which was hard to get into; the swinging boobs, rough treatment and inability to communicate with words made the experience surreal, just as you found.

By the end of the session I loved it though, and I would definitely return.

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The only negative part was having to walk back to where I was staying along a filthy, dusty road, which totally defeated the object of getting clean! It took about ten minutes of walking through the medina to feel pretty grubby again ?? All about the memory of those swinging boobs, though!

It sounds like something not to be missed if traveling to Morocco, which I hope to do someday! I went to a hammam when I lived in Morocco. I remember I went in still wearing a swimsuit top just trying to feel slightly more comfortable and one of the women came up behind me, untied it without me realized and then whipped it off of me. She then looked extremely satisfied with herself. I was mortified at first and then decided it was hilarious.

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So I sat down and let her rub my whole body. Oh I miss Morocco. Did she eventually give it back to you or just hold it hostage?! I can totally imagine that happening - they have total control over you in there!

Horrifying video of a Moroccan woman being stripped naked and sexually assaulted on bus by gang of laughing teenage boys sparks outrage A national survey found nearly two-thirds of Moroccan Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins morocco maroc hay mohammadi. 64 sec. p 64 sec Technology2K16 - M Views -. p. two sexy girls naked fun in hostel room. 70 sec. p 70 sec Relisherz - M Views -. p. real full nude frat house backyard strip contest these girls will be pissed I'll admit, I hadn't exactly planned to get naked in a Moroccan hammam. And yet, on the afternoon of International Women's Day, I sat on the beautifully tiled floor of a Moroccan hammam in a thick cloud of steam, my bare limbs slippery and wet. Behind me was an elderly woman sitting with her legs outstretched, an expression of intent concentration etched on her face; and my body was Estimated Reading Time: 10 mins

Ah yes, communal Icelandic naked showering was a wonderful confusion for so many people! I thought it was a strange experience in Turkey.

but I loved it. I went to a Hammam in Granada, Spain but it was also a mixed one with lots of beautiful tile work inside and different pools to soak in while drinking tea.

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The Spanish place sounds beautiful though ??. This sounds really strange and interesting at the same time.

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but I think I would try it if I ever find myseld in Morocco. This sounds so fascinating!

I do want to try it at some point. Thanks Marissa - glad you enjoyed it! A large part of the thrill definitely came from being so unsure of what we were supposed to do :p. Flora, you always write so elegantly! Great post. So sorry I missed your comment Donna! You described the experience so well, Flora!

I have only tried public bathing the Japanese way - onsen! Would be curious to try the hammam experience come one day! Yet another reason to head back to Japan in the near future :p. The maximum price for entering a hammam is set by the government.

With newbies in tourist places like Marrakech or Fes, they sometimes ask for the money upfront. They would expect more from a tourist, say 30 or perhaps 40 DH. If a tourist has a regular person they like and who is good, an experienced bather is generous. I give 50DH. They are doing a job and are happy to fit in if you are generous. The service you get in hammams varies alot. These masseurs are the best anywhere in north Africa and the Middle East and.

if you are lucky, will use the ancient Roman routine - black goo in the hot room, massage in the warm room, washing in the coolest room, and out! Thanks so much for this info, Gordon! Now reading Naked and Unafraid: Inside a Moroccan Hammam. By Nellie Khossousi.

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By Austin Dalley. By Contributor. By Steven Knollmeyer. I was in the midst of poring over tour books in a Moroccan riad, determined to make the most out of my trip to Fes. We had already shopped at every souk, photographed every madrasa, and inhaled every tagine in Fes, but I still felt like I was just skimming the chapters of the novel that is Moroccan culture. Why do you want to experience public nudity so badly? When in Fes, right? Hammams are about rejuvenation, cleansing, and community.

Women and men shed their worries and their clothes as they gather in steam rooms and discuss daily events. Gym steam rooms only get you so far in life. So I pushed my doubts aside and walked out of my riad, armed with a map, my phone, and very limited Arabic vocabulary.

I gd - every inch of the interior was covered in Islamic tile. It was spotless, and so far, there was no nudity to be found. The receptionist impatiently gestured towards me with an open palm and swept her hand up and down, wordlessly instructing me to remove my clothes.

She could tell I was not a local Moroccan despite my brown skin and confident attitude. I had read that some people kept their underwear on during their hammam stays, and the receptionist allowed me to do the same. So there I stood, shivering under the dim lighting while my completely exposed skin accumulated a thin layer of dust from the Moroccan air. My illiteracy in Arabic presented a slight challenge immediately to me and my hammam helper, Yasmine.

I grabbed the black, olive oil-based soap when I was supposed to be turning on the shower. She just laughed and rinsed me off. Pretty standard stuff.

Next, I brought my towel into the steam room, thereby eliminating its usefulness. The ladies in there started chortling when I realized my error, but by then it was too late. I could tell why the receptionist knew that I was not a local patron - I was the smallest person in the hammam. Then came the scrubbing. The black soap went from soothing to scorching within seconds as Yasmine started to scrape my body with a sponge that was as soft as a pinecone. Who knew that human beings had so much dead skin on their bodies?

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