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They are talking about you mom," said Andy. Tell me Andy honestly. Don't you? It didn't take long for the boys to shoot their loads. it is time for you to relax before we have another round of masturbation. I bet I will make it hotter. Fifteen minutes of resting later, I was ready for another round. mine isn't hard yet.

just ask Harry to remove momma's bra; that will make you hard in no time. I saw Andy's cock getting bigger aroused by his own words. Harry walked up to me and placed his hand on my bra cup. I smiled. I helped Harry in freeing my arms out of the bra. I was topless now. wow aren't your momma's tits gorgeous," said Harry. its incredibly hard. Thanks for making it hard mom. The boys got busy masturbating. I'd love to see Harry cum on your tits. Yes Harry, spill your cream on my mom's boobs.

This got Tom and Dick excited. They moved closer to me and spilled their sperms on my oranges. Want to cum on momma's tits. Mom say something hot before I cum. And your momma will make the next round hotter than this with more stimulation for you boys.

This is driving me crazy. Around minutes later I was back again in a bikini bra and a fully transparent mini skirt and no panties inside. This sexy costume had the boys erect in no time. Want some more stimulation? we had a strip dancer to entertain us. I was soon shaking my belly very much like a belly dancer.

this comes as a real surprise. I never knew about your belly dancing talent. The boys masturbated while I danced in my skimpy no-panties fully transparent mini skirt, offering the boys a view to my cunt and ass. The mini flew around flashing my neatly trimmed hairy cunt.

Just the idea is turning me on. I've decided to get rid of one of my pieces of clothing. And it is for you guys to decide which piece. I vote for the bikini bra. It was my son's turn now to vote. Take off your mini mom.

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I was delighted at the thought of taking off my mini and completely exposing my cunt and ass to the boys. What I loved more was my son's confidence. Do you have an idea of momma's best abilities? Andy I want to see your mom naked," said Tom as he rubbed his cock against his thighs. Your mom is must-see-naked material. I can go miles to see a sexy and beautiful woman like her naked.

I asked the handsome lad.

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I bet even your son wants to see you naked. I turned to Andy. I had been reading his private diaries secretly. So I knew everything. But I decided to ask. Have you heard what Harry just said? Do you want to see momma naked? I'd love to see you naked. I am your mom, darling. do you know your friends will be watching.

that is precisely why I want you to strip. I want my friends to see my mom naked.

I was now on the verge of taking my exhibitionism to a higher level. I could feel my juices flow as I prepared to get rid of my transparent mini and the skimpy bikini bra. I peeled my see-through mini down to my feet. I picked up my mini and threw it away. Then, dancing, smiling, I untied the bikini knot to free my arms and tits. I tossed the bra among the boys. My son, Andy, caught it. I was now dancing naked in front of the boys. Guys my mom is naked. I want your mom to pose for my magazine.

But the talk was turning me on. She is porn material; what do you think guys. Tom and Harry seemed to like it. I decided to turn to my son. What about you Andy? Do you think momma is porn material? I couldn't resist poking a finger into my pussy as I finished my question.

You are making me so damn hard. That will give you great joy while masturbating. His friends spilled their sperms as well. I'll call you all over to my bathroom. I'll take a shower while you guys can watch and masturbate. But before that take some rest boys. I showered myself and then jumped into my tub. I whipped up soap lather all over my body as I fingered myself. Minutes later, I picked up the cell phone and gave a missed call to my son.

It was a signal to the boys to move in to my bathroom for another round of masturbation. My bathroom was large enough for that. As the boys moved in to my bathroom, I emerged out of my tub. The foam and lather covered me from my shoulders down to my feet. The boys were in absolute delight as I showered myself naked in front of them.

It was exhibitionism at its best. Just look at the drops of water on her taut, fresh skin. Your mom must have been sun bathing naked," said Tom "That is right, boys. I do love to be naked in the sun. I want one of the boys to help me masturbate.

Harry, are you interested? I just could not resist flirting with the handsome Harry. I had shaved my armpits just a day back. Soon Harry walked up to me and began smelling my armpits. Then he began to lick my shoulders and armpits before moving over to suck my tits. His hands played with my thighs and ass. I slipped one finger into my pussy and grabbed Harry's cock with the other hand. I began to stroke Harry's penis up and down, just the way guys do it when they masturbate.

By the time she finished, it was all I could do to keep from squirting my load. She breathed deeply and looked down at me. She scooted closer to me and put her hand on my thigh. She put her legs on either side of me and pulled me to her until our groins almost touched. My balls were slapping her cunt as I jerked off. When she touched my chest, I couldn't take it any more.

I grunted and released my semen onto her. Jen smiled in delight as my cum roped over her flat stomach.

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When I was finished, I had left five very powerful jets of sperm all over her. She touched it and rubbed it around. I sat back and sighed, taking in the sight of her naked body with my cum all over it. She smiled as her eyes met mine. Our heads whipped around to see mom standing in the doorway, wearing only a pair of panties. She smiled as she saw our guilty expressions. Mom left, and I just stared at Jen. Jen got up and cleaned herself off. I followed her out to the kitchen.

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We ate dinner without saying anything about what had happened. I don't think mom told dad, because he didn't act any differently, but Jen and I exchanged looks every once in a while, and mom seemed to enjoy us being uncomfortable. When we were finished, dad went to the living room and mom told us to wait. I don't mind if you do it.

I couldn't believe what I heard. She wasn't telling us to stop, she was giving us permission to continue.

Jen was a bit surprised too, though maybe not as much. I got hard thinking about my own mom advocating sexual relations with my sister. She saw my dick growing and laughed. Mom got up and started clearing the dishes, and before I could say anything, Jen grabbed my hand and led me off to my bedroom. She shut the door, and broke out laughing. I started to relax and laugh a bit. She must have seen everything, and she's okay with it. She smiled and punched my arm. Don't you? Knowing that mom knows what's going on, and that she wants to watch us, and maybe even join us?

I nestled up to her, our bodies pressing against each other. Her breasts felt great crushed against me. We kissed, somewhat passionately. It may have been slightly romantic, but it was mostly a lustful kiss. Jen giggled as I ground my dick into her stomach.

Mommy Madness: A No Shame Mom - Lifetime

I was so hard, I just wanted to jump her and let my instincts take over. She seemed to be pondering something else. It was turning me on to think of mom watching us go at it. Before I could open the door, Jen grabbed my dick and started rubbing it. She kneeled in front of me and began sucking my dick. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back.

She was pretty good at it, maybe she was a virgin but she seemed to know what she was doing. Her tongue was all over my shaft, and then she circled the head while she played with my balls.

I didn't let her go too far, though.

It was Harry interrupting my conversation with Andy. "How many of you want to see me completely naked right here right now." I asked my son and his friends with all the confidence I could muster. "Fantastic idea. Andy I want to see your mom naked," said Tom as Mom Porn. Contact Moms Panties Porn. Moms Panties Porn

She kissed my dick and we left the room. We would have to avoid dad, but he was busy watching TV. Mom was still in the kitchen. She saw us coming and smiled. Mom couldn't keep the smile from forming in the corner of her mouth. We followed mom to her bedroom, since it had a king size bed. She quickly stripped off her panties, making me wonder if she was planning on joining in. She sat on the edge of the bed and patted it.

Jen hopped onto the bed and lay on her back. I nervously joined her, sitting next to her. I felt nervous since it was my first time and someone was watching us.

Jen pulled me on top of her, my dick burrowing between her thighs. She kissed me, as if suddenly energized. I think having mom watching us was really turning Jen on. Her hands were all over my body. Mom was silent, but she moved her head close so she could see the action. I moved into position, and Jen spread her legs. Her neatly trimmed cunt was displayed to me and mom. Mom seemed to be eyeing it very intently.

I grabbed my dick and pointed it at her opening. I gently thrust forward, careful not to go too deep. Jen sighed as I entered her. She was incredibly tight, much more so that I expected.

The three of us were staring at my dick gently probing her pussy. I felt her hymen stop me, and I glanced up to Jen. She nodded, and I continued further. When it gave way, Jen gd. Mom smiled approvingly.

I buried myself as far as I could go and held it inside of her. Jen began to shudder, and to mom's and my surprise, she had an orgasm. Her face contorted and her hips bucked against me. Her vaginal muscles clenched tightly around my shaft, tugging at me seductively. I couldn't thrust otherwise I might lose it. After Jen's orgasm faded, mom put her hand on Jen's thigh, lightly rubbing it. Jen smiled at her, breathing heavily.

I began to thrust, slowly at first. Then I put my hands on her tits and began to hump her with more vigor. I fondled her tits while she moaned and whined.

Naked mom in panties

Mom watched excitedly as I slid in and out of Jen, her face inches away from us. I was really going at it, and the sounds Jen were making were heightening the pleasure.

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I glanced to Jen, and her face told me that everything was fine. I assumed that she was probably taking birth control pills, and resumed fucking her.

Jen was starting to increase the volume of her cries until she had another orgasm, a very loud one. She wrapped her legs around my waist and dug her heels into my buttocks.

This time her tight pussy clenching around my dick was too much for me.

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I groaned and released my semen into her. I came in long, powerful jets. Mom was delighted that I was coming in Jen's pussy. My grunts were overpowered by Jen's cries, and her orgasm lasted through mine.

When I finished spurting my cum into her belly, I slowly pulled out. Without warning, mom grabbed my dick and stuck it in her mouth.

Her tongue polished me off, and I got the feeling she really liked the taste of pussy juice. Jen smiled at me. It was all I could do not to join in. Mom smiled. But Jen, I should warn you, he'll want to fuck you. Are you alright with that? Mom kissed Jen on the lips.

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The sight of them tonguing each other got me rock hard again. Mom was really getting into it with her, so I got behind her and opened her ass up. Mom gd, but didn't move to stop me.

I positioned my dick at her pussy and thrust it up into her. Mom groaned into Jen's mouth, and Jen started rubbing her well-fucked pussy. Mom wasn't nearly as tight as Jen, but she moved her hips and squeezed my shaft much more expertly. After I got a rhythm going, mom bent down and began licking Jen's pussy again. Before long she was eating her out quite loudly. Jen was saying dirty, obscene things, chiding us on.

Mom had a mouthful of pussy when I felt her tense up and suddenly she shuddered. Her orgasm was much bigger than Jen's had been. Mom whimpered into Jen's mound as she came. I felt like I could do this forever. After Jen came, I turned Mom over and fucked her face to face.

I wanted to watch her tits bounce while I stuffed her pussy. Jen caressed mom's tits with one hand and my balls with the other.

The double stimulation was building my orgasm faster. My announcement threw mom into another orgasm, and as her body twitched underneath me, I cried out and my cum shot up into her belly.

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