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But tuning in to your partner involves talking to them about what they want out of their sex life. RELATED: How to Make Any Man Last Longer in Bed. Vary your moves. Try to be unexpected with your touch.

Challenge yourself to touch your partner in a new way every time you have sexual contact. Instead of making a straight line, try a less predictable zigzag.

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Remember that rumor from high school about spelling their name with your tongue? Yeah, try that - why not? We want sex to be effortless and instinctual. We want to be able to give and receive orgasms without textbooks or instructions.

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But the truth is that great sex lives take effort and energy. Study anatomy and technique.

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Most people are not born knowing how to perfectly locate a G-spotunderstanding how to give a great prostate massageknowing the best way to deep-throat without hitting that gag reflex, or having any idea what a U-spot is. RELATED: Curious About Deep Throating? Read This First.

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Knowing what that method is allows you to see the nuances of what works for him or her and allows you to replicate this with your tongue, hands, or anything else you use during oral.

Most people think of oral sex as foreplay. Sometimes it is the main course.

  Oral sex also results in extra wetness, and then there's the physical comfort of getting rather than giving. No wonder so many women love it-and why their partners love doing it   Category:Oral sex. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Please note that low-quality images with no realistic educational use nor a purpose within the Wikimedia projects may be deleted. For further information, see Commons:Nudity   40 Thoughts Every Woman Has When Her Partner Is Going Down on Her. "Oh shit, don't forget to call Dr. Thompson tomorrow.". By Sarah Vulpio. Jan 23,

Tease, seduce, take your time getting there. And if it is the precursor to something else?

Well, that's all the better for the both of you. You are not limited to the use of your mouth, tongue, and hands. Combining oral with toys like prostate stimulators, vibrators, clitoral suction devices or cock rings takes it up to a whole other level.

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Lube can enhance the whole experience for everyone involved. try bringing some flavored lube. But also, get over it. RELATED: 9 Sex Toys You Need, Besides a Vibrator.

  We got women to explain what makes good oral sex, and what the sensation is actually like. 'Tickling, but good.' 'Tickling, More so than giving oral sex or even full on sex   Do women really like giving oral sex to their man or do they not like it but do it anyway. Women like giving oral. Vote A. Women don't like giving oral. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote: Girl Guy Please select your age. ates: Follow. 0 0. Share. Facebook. Twitter   These oral sex tips can help you kick your sex life up a notch. If you're wondering how to give oral sex, here's some tips, tricks, and information to help

We tend to think of kneeling to give a blow job and lying down to go down on a woman. Traditional sex positions may not be ideal for the two of you. Shake it up! photo: shutterstock. According to - organicherbie.coma study has found that women's interest in oral sex had little to do with their partner's attractiveness.

Moms giving oral sex

However, men reported being interested in oral sex only if they were feeling attracted to their partner. So it's natural for women to experience some sort of insecurity when their husbands or partners seem disinterested in giving them pleasure in this way.

One mom on theAsianparent Community shared that she finds it unfair if she has to do it to her husband, but he doesn't return the favor. Simple Marriage cited a survey done on 98 married women. Foreplay also helps make oral sex more enjoyable, as this type of sex requires them to relax and trust their partner.

To fully enjoy it, take time to build the anticipation and ease anxiety.

  Women need more sex, then men do. When women do not get their husbands' needs, they turn to other males for it. That means they turn to boys to get it. Women feel very sexually toward preteen boys and teen males because their youthful bodies is a real turn on for them. Mothers are giving their son oral sex has been going on from the first day   When it comes to going down on her, your desire to please her is only going to get you so far. Our oral sex guide will give you the techniques you need to perform perfect cunnilingus   oral-sex-positions-for-women-OneLegOnAShoulder. Credit: Ana Celaya. Lean your back against the wall or a door. Have your partner kneel in front of you and go down on you. If it's comfortable, place a foot or leg on your partner's shoulder to give them more access to your clitoris

Don't pressure each other to climax quickly, as it often happens slowly. Oral sex is not the only important thing in a couple's sex life. But being devoted to pleasing your partner through this type of sex and other forms of intimacy is vital to keep the fires of romance burning.

sources: - organicherbie.comDelightYourMarriage. comSimpleMarriage. netYourTango.

com, Bustle, theAsianparent Community. Also read: 5 psychological barriers when it comes to having sex.


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