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I've looked after their home while they vacationed, and they've done the same for me. Recently his wife, Carol, asked me to come over because their garbage disposal wasn't working and Ted was out of town. It was an easy fix, and she thanked me. As I started to leave, she asked me why I had never made a pass at her. Shocked, I told her that wasn't right and hightailed it out of there.

I haven't spoken to her since. But should I tell her husband? Or pretend it never happened? See also : Why long-married couples split. Response 1 I think this is a lose-lose situation for everyone except the wife, who wants to use you to stroke her ego. I say do nothing: Don't play her game.

Don't tell her husband.

Mom son sex slutload

Avoid their company. If he eventually asks you why, then tell him. You'll probably lose a friend, but you'll keep your self-respect.

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Response 2 I've experienced similar situations before. One thing I learned is that once people try something like this, they'll try again until you confront them or you tell their spouse. I'd tell the husband. I don't think she's finished with you yet, so good luck.

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Response 3 I wouldn't mention it to the husband, but I'd avoid being alone with the wife. A sad situation, especially since you'll never feel comfortable with either one of them again. I don't want to lose my marriage over this, but I don't know if he's just playing games or not.

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What does it sound like to you? I will treat him as though he was one of those jerks that just wants to come in and screw up your life for 10 minutes of useless sex.

Relationships & Sex sex Life Relationships Dating cheating shift happens ? Close Search 6 years ago. VIDEO: Irish Mother Gets a Shock When Her Son Returns Home Estimated Reading Time: 1 min Incredible photos of one man's mom who social media mistook for his girlfriend Investigation shows that within that period, she had regular sex with her son-in-law. Pregnancy later became the result of her sexual escapades. Kwange's regrettable

I had to do something a bit drastic to sort of push him into this decision, but it worked and I have gained a nephew and lost all of the stress! GOD THIS FEELS GOOD!

Share Facebook. My nephew said he crushed on me and wants to have sex, advice?

Add Opinion. Sounds like you're tempted to bang your nephew in law.

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Which is your business, not mine. If I misconstrued your question, I apologize. If you don't want to bang your nephew in law tell him that.

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be straight up and go, "This is inappropriate, we're family, I'm married-your married. I have no interest in having sexual relations with you. Or you could mess up your marriage and bone your nephew in law and move to Arkansas or another southern state that would look kindly upon ya'll.

Show All Show Less. Thank you very much for the fun and the help. diamond3 Yoda.

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i guess it comes down to what matter more. giving into a guy that desires you or the marriage that I take is not pipping hot at the moment.

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I don't judge so I'm not going to think bad if you go ahead with it but just weigh the option before you go further. It sounds like you don't think much of your marriage if you feel keeping contact could turn into something yet you continue. Also sounds like you don't care about all the disrespect you will probably cause for you with his parents part of your family. Sounds like YOU are playing games dangerous games. Ragnarok21 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic.

Xper 6.

It sounds like he's really intrestred in you, I recommend talking to him and laying out what the boundaries between you and him are. Make sure to tell him that what he did is normal but needs to be stoped. I just don't understand why he would do this?

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What do you think? Maybe, depends on what you think his intentions could be. Thank you so much for your patience and help!

Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. l-hedoniste You're a big girl, I'm sure you know how to let him down easy, "I'm flattered, etc.

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You're secretly wondering and you always will, what it would have been like to spend some time enjoying what he showed you in those photos. Remember, you WERE considering doing it when you came here but you chickened out.

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according to you You could actually be boffing his brains out. As long as your careful, who'll ever know? I'm married to the wrong sister but, for the last 12 years, have been boffing the right one. Dragonsknight Xper 1.

The Dilemma. Dear Wisdom Circle, I've been good friends for 11 years with a couple who live in my condo complex. I've looked after their home while they vacationed, and Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins I don't want to get into the details with my marriage, and I told my nephew that I wanted to be his aunt not his sex partner. He told me I was strong, but continues up A father forced his young son to have sex with his mother, among other instances of rape and sexual assault, the Central Criminal Court has heard this week. The now

Now with that being said u r in control of you and u alone as long as ur grown being 18 or older it is ur life live it as u want to. knightrider Xper 1. If you had kept up with him do you think it could have led to sex? Did you ever have a fantasy of what it would be like?

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redhotman1 Xper 1. He wants u so bad but it's up to u sweetie and what u want if ur marriage is not good ok I'd go for him. Chori was said to always been on the phone with his father-in-law and mother-in-law trying to appeal to them to see reasons and that their inability to have a child should not constitute a clog in the wheel of their marital bliss.

All the same that did not deter Kwange from looking for other ways out of the problem. Unconfirmed sources told Saturday Sun that he is into all sorts of extramarital relationship with other women in his bid to get a child but so far none had produced the expected result. In her desperation to keep her home, she did a lot but without any of her numerous medical efforts yielding tangible result.

Sources say there is no known fertility hospital she has not visited in Taraba, Makurdi, Abuja and Jos, with the help of their son-in-law, Chori. But it was all to no avail. It was in the course of these fruitless search for solution that the devil chose to strike in a most embarrassing and shameful way.

Sometime, towards the end ofFaith, who had been married to Christopher for about four years but without a child to bless their union, suddenly took in and gave birth to a baby boy in May Good news! But the sad news is that she died shortly afterward, leaving the poor baby without a mother.

She was said to have died from complications which resulted from her delivery of the baby through caesarian section.

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She was buried within one week of the incident. Faced with such a difficult situation, Kwange asked his second wife to move to Lafia to assist with taking care of the newborn baby Faith left behind.

One thing led to the other, and after spending seven months in Lafia with her son-in-law who works with one of the federal government agencies, Priscilla was found pregnant. Investigation shows that within that period, she had regular sex with her son-in-law.

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Pregnancy later became the result of her sexual escapades. Right now, her husband, Mr. Sylvanus Kwange, an ex-service man, is livid with anger over the sordid development.

Speaking exclusively with our correspondent in Lafia on his arrival from Jalingo, the man who is boiling like a kettle of hot water, threatened to deal with both his wife and his son-in-law for daring to commit such sacrilege. He vowed that his wife would never step her foot into his house again, come what may.

He affirmed that his wife had been in Lafia for about seven months. I thought it was my own responsibility to help my son-in-law and the new baby of my late daughter. So, I allowed my own wife to come and help. You asked how he learnt about the abominable news.

I was speechless with shock and asked, how come?

She has been here since June last year. I decided to visit them to also see how the little boy is doing.

I was coming with so much joy, not knowing that I was coming to meet disaster waiting for me.

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