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My husband is in the Navy on a sub and POPULAR One day my wife and i were at home on a I have 4 Sisters. We live in a village I am 40 years old and have been married When mom took her medication it didn't At the time, I had been married for a First three way mmf Ann Iiiiiiiioooooppppppppppppppppppppppppp So my wife I were staying with a couple in the Midwest.

My husband has been badgering to have a 3 some,when I agreed and we went to bed I know a lot of people will not understand, but I want this woman so badly and newest most popular oldest. Cancel Post.

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Stay logged in. Screen Name shown to the public. Email optional - for password recovery. Is this post inapropriate? Report this comment. Delete this post? Yes No. At the age of thirteen, I discovered I liked girls because I have will admit to flirting with girls online, yes, online first girl Nina Amato not sure how I ever came across her but that girl changed my opinion of girls all together.

So, I would write about how I felt in my journal about girls though that did land me in trouble with my mom whose very religious at the time, when I turned sixteen still exploring the idea of sleeping with girls in real life, my mom read my journal when she found out I liked girls that I flat out I told her I think I am bisexual but still wasn't sure of my identity because all I did was ask people or looked online, I didn't have much guidance into finding out who I was.

A mess of periods, hormones, boys hurting me emotionally, being raped, and so forward life wasn't grand for me with boys it was horrible. Periods would cause me to say I am a lesbian, my mom would deny the fact each time saying it is just a phase, it'll pass, and everything.

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My mom wouldn't accept the truth when I broke down and cried on it. So, as I got older I learned to just keep quiet though every period I had I would still break down and cry say I am lesbian, though not around boyfriends that would cause trouble so I wouldn't say a word to them. I did take a lot of emotional abuse from boys growing into men as I got older myself it never easily when I would admit to a guy I was dating that I liked girls, I got hated for it and told me to read the bible, most would pressure me to stay straight or read a bible for punishment.

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Now, is the point in where I found out life took a turn, I had this girl she would stalk me day in and day out, it was like an obsession, no it wasn't Nina Amato. It was Stacy Wrighte that girl became trouble when we did finally get together lateearly though in early we did finally sleep together in real life.

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Myself, enjoyed it though we didn't go all the way, she didn't though but it was her own fault for not doing so. In lateI had heart surgery my first one, she was okay with that fine dandy.

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Six months down the road when I went into my second surgery earlyshe decided after my two weeks in the hospital to cheat on me, it broke my heart the woman I loved so much, gave everything for tore me apart because I had to have surgery to make myself feel better. After her, I never did date again one on one with another woman I went on to threesomes though that led to jealousy a lot because I wanted the woman more than anything.

After that, went with men again though that didn't help at all in my mental world.

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Coming intoafter one harsh break-up mid-year because a guy I dated late he was also obsessed with me after years of telling him no, though after six months of his ways I left him, gone forbidden to be around again.

I have known Larry since the summer ofthough we were talking over the phone before our first date. We have gone through hardships for our first two years, his anger from his family, needing mental help, and so forth it was rocky, too say the least but I loved him then and so did Melanie, so I did what I thought was best, and kept him around.

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Five years later, he is still around though we entered a life that couldn't be changed. Mid of this year, I experienced weight gain, cravings, and everything that could of led to a wonderful life with a baby. Multiple testings plus one period negative result then a second period that lasted two weeks though that led to me look up some information because doctor's informed me, my walls in my womanhood were closing, sure enough looking it up that if a woman is in denial of her sexuality that her walls will close so when I decided to make the announcement I took several long breaths on June 7th went to my mom first, and flat out said, "Mom, please don't hate me, but I am lesbian.

My dad, I knew he wouldn't care.

Mmf bisexual stories

My wonderful loving man, on the other hand, freaked out assumed I was breaking up with him, leaving him for another woman, and anything that his head could be filled with.

I let him calm down explaining myself to him on our personal cts of our relationship, and how we handle it. I did open up on all my social networks, most were accepting, others didn't say a thing though either way my period stopped but I am not pregnant, so I am taking care of myself other ways.

Today, I am single with no girlfriend whatsoever.

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I am right now, enjoying being a mom to a little girl who's growing up so fast, a man who loves me for me even though I am lesbian, and we aren't as intimate as we used to be but we enjoy date night's out on the town. Life for me is wonderful just as it is. This is to help those that have never been able to open up of their sexuality. This is my story. Like 0 0 Lovely post Lovely Thank you! Like 0. Delilac Follow on May 07 PM PST.

Black locks falling down her forehead, half hiding her dark piercing eyes on her angel face.

I moved closer and she flinched like a scared rabbit. Her black gaze staring at me, franctically trying to figure me out. Her mother smiled.

Tinder Stories! First experience of MMF and Top 5 worst Tinder Pickup Lines OMG!!!

If you want to play with her, you gotta kiss her. If you kiss her she will trust you.

I glanced at the group of kids right behind me. Boys and girls, fascinated by the strange creature, adrenaline pumping, mouth watering picturing the hunt.

Top five stories. 1. 19 Regrettable Things People Did While Blackout Drunk. 2. True Life: I Knew I Was Gay When 3. 15 Kids Reveal What It's Like Growing Up With Racist Parents. 4. Nursing Students Confess What It's Really Like To Study In Their Field. 5. Mothers Confess The Difficulties Of Having A Child With Anger Issues My Husband And I Invited Another Man Into Our Marriage (And It's Wonderful) I share my nights between my boys, kiss them both when they walk in from work, and sit in the middle on the couch. My husband is my life. He is my best friend, my rock, my confidant and Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins Stories / Bisexual Stories - The best reading on the web. Newest. LesbianJuliet88 Follow. on Jul 27 AM PST. Coming Out Clean. June 7th, Here I am as a year-old woman in this tale of a life that I have rather not discuss but it has been brought to my attention that my life has taken a curveball. I am no longer identify as

I was charmed. I motioned my arm toward her to touch her and she ran off. That was it. I jumped to the chase, followed by the others.

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She was fast. She threw herself down the grass hill, crouching and sliding to move faster. I was right behind her. My hand almost gripping her t-shirt and my fingers clawing into the air. My legs were almost giving out for the effort, I shut my mind and kept running. She will get tired, I was thinking, she will have to regain her breath sooner or later. I am going to catch her. The other kids were running too. I heard the sounds of steps and giggles all around me.

It was a game to them. Julia dodged every one of them, at one point she started running back uphill.

Bisexual Cuckold 9, Members 1K We were telling war stories and joking back and forth. John suddenly tells me he is pissed at this job cause he had a big date with this pretty gal in J'ville. Straight porn turned to mmf porn and before I knew it, he had my jeans unzipped and my cock in his mouth. Damn, it felt so good! I pulled This happened to me over the weekend on a Cruise to the Bahamas. It was a rainy day on the cruise ship and after a romp with the wife, I decided to go to the sauna. I go up to the spa. Strip down to a towel and head back to the sauna. After a few minutes of relaxing another guy pops his First three way mmf. So my wife I were staying with a couple in the Midwest. Kenny had gotten me to f*** his wife on several occasions. He had clean up duty. My wife Ann had no idea. So the first night of three we stayed at their home, we had a good meal, lotsa drinks and an agenda planned to watch some p***

I was already exausted, but she should have been too. It was over, all I had to do was covering that final distance, and all for a kiss. Maybe it was because my desire was stronger. At that point the adrenaline pumping in my brain was the only drug keeping me going. My heart rose up to my throat, it was beating like a freight train. We reached to the top late. She disappeared somewhere.

While the other kids stood there looking around, breathing hard, I got a glimpse of a lock of black hair, flowing with the wind, behind one of the porch post columns. I had to be careful.

20 Same-Sex Hookup Stories From Straight Guys. Real talk from straight and straight-ish guys. by Sally Tamarkin. "When I was 13, one of my best friends told me he was bi. Later that night at Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

My thoughts were focused on the challenge. I grabbed her by the shoulder, slamming her back on the cement wall and pinned her there.

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She was trapped, shut her eyes hard. Her chest expanding and retreating under my possessive hand, as I leaned over and touched her lips with mine.

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Light and gentle as the breeze blowing between our bodies drenched in sweat, but strong enough to send a shiver of pleasure running down my back. I won. I moved back from her. Surprisingly she was smiling.

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