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21/6/  A black bear attacked the girl while she was just feet away from her family in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. "This bear was exhibiting predatory behavior it attacked in the middle of the 8/7/  "We'd like all Black Girls Hike walk leaders to become Mountain Leaders, and we'd also love to have qualified climbing and outdoor instructors so we can start running events ourselves. Two of the girls recently completed Mountains Skills courses and had a great experience, so once lockdown restrictions fully lift we're hoping to do more of Oli Reed

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Rhiane Fatinikun is the founder of Black Girls Hikea group providing a safe space for black women to explore the countryside, and an advocate for getting outdoors to improve physical and mental health.

The group is primarily for people who have never hiked before, giving them the chance to explore. Our first walk was near Manchester in March - just me, a friend, 12 strangers and a journalist from The Voice newspaper. The safety element of women walking alone, especially in winter, is a big deal.

People who grew up in those areas have less exposure to people like me, so there are still lots of negative stereotypes. One girl who walks with us even described Black Girls Hike as networking meets the outdoors!

It also makes you pay more attention to the world around you, captivating you, and giving your mind a rest. Walking promotes a connection with nature and the environment, which makes you realise you have a responsibility in the stewardship of the world and that we all have a responsibility to look after it.

Hiking in the mountains can seem really elite to beginners.

Rhiannon Giddens: \

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