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I know I just should have taken the security cam recording of the incident to the police, and left it at that but there comes a point when the fight to keep from being told to sit down shut up and do as you are told required a much more devastating response tan someone getting a few days sitting in a jail and in this state their hands slapped and told you boys really did not have the right to do that then l them go on their way, I decided to show it did not require a gun to tell my wife, my father, my mother, and the community that I am the decider of what rights I controlled for myself, my wife says the reason she went along was to keep violence from happening and me being shot, the two men will now have trouble appearing in public without explaining how they had their faces laid open to the bone while they carried firearms, my father, has nothing to say in my life forever more, and my mother knows I will never succumb to force without retaliation.

my wife is free to leave any time, as long as she stays without contact for six months so I can get an abandonment divorce, But she knows she will never see her son again without supervision, because of her bi polar condition. my fathers values will never be imparted to my son for any reason. And the accounts my wife set up and the money stolen from me over 32 years will stay in my control now I have found it, And the society that I was told has the right to impart what rights they thought I deserved can drown themselves in the toilet for all I care.

all my mother in law said was why did they matter. Why did everyone think your husband sitting here needed to be denied rights he had legally and what he earned at work.

She also asked why my wife denied our marriage so others my father believed were socially more important than me could have their way, though y life? What did your husband do that deserved that treatment and why did you allow it? My wife explained that she had never see the damage she saw me do in the last 14 years when my husband decided he was not going to cooperate with those In a higher social position, I have seen him be so rude he took a reservation that was made for another man from him so he would be my escort, you always taught me this was the height of bad manners, And my mother in law said the worst manners were on your father in laws part and yours, That reservation should have never been made, in the first place, and even in your own journals you tell why your husband was finding it a need to defend his own rights.

Your father in law had a lot of influence with judges, and community leaders and you helped him get much of that influence, Being the eye candy on many of their arms while your husband worked. She asked my wife if this was right and proper. Your a truly nasty person. Take a look in the mirror, if everyone but you agrees, chances are you are the problem.

His father and others used their political and social positions for decades to make sure any complaint he had was buried. and my husband resents what was done to him to his very core, so not even the offer of trying to talk things through now meets with why, you are just going to tell me to shut up and do as I am told again, He said nobody has that right to tell him that now.

He said he would meet them in hell when they arrived. if they had know what was coming they might have pulled the trigger after he just about ripped their faces off a few minutes later with his cane.

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For 30 years now we have tried to keep my husband doing what everyone needed, admittedly his rights at home, at work and in society were trampled. but it was the easiest way to get the things done for people that was felt needed to be done. Now he cares less what we want, he takes what he wants no matter who it harms or deprives. what position in society they fill, and he tells me now if I want a change the door is there, and I can walk out it, but as long as he supplied the roof over my head and I stay he does not care about my friends, his fathers, his friends or what any one else wants except him.

The above speaks to a great deal of dysfunction on all sides. Just looking at the semantics it appears everyone involved has a different concept of their position in the social structure and the authority that position holds. How am I the truly nasty person in this. I left on My wedding evening because my father never wanted me to touch what he called my innocent white wife, It was over another Engagement far before my wife and I ever met by seven years, It was an interference by a hard core KKK member My father that broke my engagement to a half Hawaiian native and Half oriental woman, When he met her while we were stationed in Texas he raised so much hell with her she said she could not marry into the bigoted family I was in.

When I returned From the army in I never went to my fathers house to inform them I was back, Just went to the Armory Joined the Guard and went to the state employment service and the VA rep put me in the local auto manufacturing plant.

My mother was the one to see me in my 65 impala drive past her as I went to work. She had been trying to find out from the army why I had not even written to them for two years and I did not intend they should find out I was back I would never go back to my fathers until May when I Was told my wife that I had not even had a weeding night with was staying at his house by the Ombudsman for the Submarine command I was under in the navy.

I had been under water or in refits or short training schools for three and a half years. There was a reason I would not talk about the reasons I would not stay at my fathers since the fall of I had joined the army on a split enlistment leaving the Last day of my junior year I was coming back at summers end to Finish High school and to keep in top shape I went back to the football team.

He said if any quit or was injured and could not play the coach would put us on 1st string. Those younger boys were totally insulting stopping to tell me and my friends that Pedigree won over skill as it should be.

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As the one that had not been impressed by the area Idea of Pedigree for four years. I reverted to my Training I had received in the army that summer.

Turned to the seniors standing on both sides of me and said lets get our second string jerseys on and go show these pedigreed poodles how junk yard dogs play all four quit at the end of practice saying we had tried to kill them. My father who was the Scout was at that practice with the school board members.

When I drove home in my impala I got out and one of them used a golf driver to knock me out. I woke up with the sun still up with Zip ties tying my hands on both sides of a sycamore tree My shirts were off and my fathers yelling at me that he was not going to permit me to show the disrespect to my betters and their families I was showing. He said save myself even more pain and by apologizing for my big mouth and they would cut me down. I think I spit at all five of them and tried kicking them telling my father and his friends to cut me down, Those sophmores did not ear the positions Just was using influence to take them Two seconds later a electric cord put the first stripe on my back, By the time they got to tired to swing again I was no longer awake Blood was Dripping from the zip ties around my wrists and I was waking up with the sun and I was caked in dried blood al, the ay down my legs My father came down a half hour later with my car and a all black set of jeans and tshirt as well as sweat bands for my wrists.

This was what he said to me. Boy if I knew what was best for me I would never mention it to my mother what had been done. Just take it as a lesson in not defying my betters. It Just cause trouble for the school.

shall agree with

I left my fathers house after the game that evening going to where I was TAD to the local guard unit until I went back to Fort Benning. in January I collapsed from blood loss standing in formation and the medic had m flown to The Military Hospital at Wright Pat. for Stiches in my back, 50 apeice in each wrist.

I did not go back to my fathers house for 13 years and that was only because my wife was there after a bout with BI polar the navy never informed me of keeping me at sea. I Was only there for two days when my wife informed me that even though we had not had a wedding night since we married three and a half years before. She was going to keep me from sex for two more years to make sure I did not disrupt the society with my return and seniority I tried twice in those years until to get a divorce and out from under that tyranny.

But the state insisted I was to stay married, They also had in put me under a friend of my fathers on the bench order after to make my wife happy I stayed home from as trip to Rome that I had earned with my seniority.

I wanted her promise signed and notarized and he right hand on a bible swearing that when she returned home, She would be the willing sex partner and wife that she had promised two years before and at our wedding in vows. I was ready to leave the morning they flew back from Rome. I ha my seabag packed with my tent and Two Sleeping bags and air mattress in case we could not get a motel vacancy On a trip to my grandparents in Wyoming, the had been asking me to bring her out for two years and I was going to stay for three or four days visiting Uncles cousins and my grandparents then Continue on probably to the Grand Canyon or Yosemitee maybe both if the three weeks Permited that I had coming.

As you can tell I am not to fond of Night clubs and cities.

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I do like history. I was waiting when they landed a Am And Was Getting things out to my van as fast as possible to get my father and the others to his house and let them get home from there while I pointed the Nose of the van wst. I had worked from The Day before and had just arrived my wife got to the van first and saw The things ready to leave and She started crying that they had been on the Flight for 11 hours.

I said I had worked 16 hours so what was the deal. She started crying about the people I was displacing with less seniority and their vacation plans. As The Van was loaded. They started telling me about how nice it would be for everyone if I just took from after the Christmas shutdown off since nobody wanted to travel in January. I knew for a fact that It was to late to secure a Vacation Out Conus someplace warm.

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Then the suggestions to Drive someplace in Mid winter during the worst winter weather started being screamed at me By the Time I was Getting out of the airport they were screaming at me that It should not matter that I had not had a day off in years, My wife was right I just could not ruin other plans just to get a rest from work.

She finally said she was not keeping her promise if it caused other people to not get the time they hoped for off I was displacing a man with 9 years less seniority whos plan was to go to Atlantic city for a week and Drink himself under a Roulet table before he came back and drank himself into a stupor every day until he killed himself running into a bridge so drunk his blood was 2.

this was the people I was expected to play second fiddle to. Most were Bigot friends of my fathers In mid I decided to get the yoke of his friend on the bench off my neck. I contacted other ex military that had run afoul of that judge and we started gathering questionable decisions and orders that he passed down to present the state Judicial review board.

The Investigation started with our complaint came up with so much on the man that in April the next year He was sentenced to fifteen to 30 in a federal prison. The Charges Included Bribe taking. Malfeasance in official capacity. evedence tampering using a controlled substance Cocain. Favoratism by not recusing him self in cases that involved friends.

It hurt his father that my husband with his friends were willing to ruin the lives they did because the court was making me and my friends stay and work through the millinialls when the seniority clause in the UAW contract was very plain about seniority rights.

My husband Just would not even try the Mid winter time for vacation and holiday that we just kept telling me was the best option for everyone if I would just consider replacing the holiday shutdown after the New year with my personal time and then take my vacation as they demanded. I was damned if I was going to play second fiddle to Societies snobbery.

I was going to be first in all things starting that evening. I did force the sex I wanted before My father and his friend arrived. I informed her that since I was still the bread provider during the three years I had been in Rehab I was supplied with three pairs of sweats. now I had all the time in the world since I am retired. Why did I have to get on them all at once and take what I wanted. I did force my wife into sex that evening, Yes I am some kind of heel for doing so But 31 years of Slavery was what I wanted payback for.

I have been getting it on everyone even my father before he died his four buddies that left me bleeding all night after that whipping in Finding out that whipping and bruising at work Contributed to MRSA settling into my spine IN October Causing me to loose most the nerve impulse in my legs and the three years of intense hard work and more discrimination.

Left In Rehab every holiday because they did not want the embarrassment of Having A son and Husband at their holiday in a wheel chair From to A holiday I again paid for everyone to eat. So to those that think I was a horrible person.

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I asked who was the most abusive. The Man that worked everyday for 28 years to be told By his wife and family he was not worth the time of day or consideration of any sort except be at work. Day in and day out.

Supply the Money for the household and never get to use what I made. Have a wife that offered nothing in the Marriage except heartache.

I agree with u that u never get the whole story. so saying that i got question. what do u do if u take care ur girl and pay bills watch kids and take care them and everything is ok until want to have sex and yes i please her well its just feels like its ok for me to pay bills takecare kids and take care house but dont ask for sex or try forplay because get shot down but she says she loves me and we got two beautiful babies but ive tried talkin and she starts argument.

she always has to have control. also try be romantic ans nothing. she calls me sex addict because i like to have sex threeto four times week. she puts me down and im just miserable as far as our sexlife but as person i really love her and my family. what dkes anyone think i should do. im about pack up and leave just like some opinions on it thzs.

This is why relationships fail. Stop treating women as unquestionable, unaccountable princesses.

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She was taking them down a road to unhappiness and eventual separation. As if this is an easy subject to broach. Instead she used it as a means to get attention from strangers. Absolutely correct. Does anyone really think he just decided to whip up this spreadsheet on a whim? More than likely after repeatedly trying to talk to her about it, she conveyed that he was exaggerating, which prompted him to take notes -i. realize things were even WORSE than he thought.

She is cheating on him and probably has been for a while. People dont just stop having sex by choice. Him not getting any doesnt mean shes not getting any. The person who is complaining is the one that got cut off and doesnt admit or cant accept that the other person is not cut off,is still having plenty of sex. Hope he figures this out so he can go on and find someone who likes him. I could not agree with this more. I have been encouraging my wife to get help with her lack of interest for years and she does nothing.

Even though she says that she knows that she is at least part of the problem her lack of action tells me that she is not interested in helping the marriage. I have dealt with no affection and rejection from my wife for years. I tried many times to discuss it with her and it was always Shields up and arm the weapons.

When I did have extra marital relations It was usually after being badly insulted by my husband, With him not willing to accept that social position in the community is important, in his father had him under a local judges order that over rode the UAW contract he worked under that he had to get the courts permission to take a vacation or not work holidays. It Was not that he was not Made aware of the only time that the court would allow From the End of the holiday shut down in January till when he was retired with 35 years seniority while undergoing physical rehab after MRSA caused L4L5 to slip into his spinal cord he was able to take from The First week in January till the end of march in vacation and personal time.

On December 23 My husband had told his father that his seniority was to let him take the next three weeks off and he was going with me to the Millinial celebrations in Bavaria. He was going to make five men and women who also had plans work building a parts bank for assembly over the holiday when he could do the same with his 24 years experience working a double shift by himself I was coming back with the proposal he could go someplace Like Jamaca Or The Virgin Islands when we came home as the replacement time for the Two weeks of Holidays everyone else took off and with that we could work on our marriage problems and the problems he had caused in the community with his total defiance in it.

On the 23 of December his fathers friend on the bench decided he was not going to defy everyone overtaking the holidays as he wanted, and he sent four deputies to take him into custody to make him work the 16 hour shifts.

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I was pleading with him not to press his rights with them as he demanded either the signed order of judgment with the charges applied, or the signed warrant for his arrest as well as all miranda rights were to be supplied so he could ascertain with proof how much to sue the county for as well as the judge.

The Documents were not provided as they should have been, He was told he was just going to be the guest of the county to make sure he did not leave for Germany with me. what he called us all hurt for just trying to get him to do what we felt was right. His Mother was so mad at his father He had a heavy glass ashtray in their room bounced off his head and she told him he could sleep any where as long as it was not the bed she was in.

She burned my and his brothers and sisters ears off with what she thought of us fo not standing with my husband. She just about was dragged on the flight with us saying somehow when we came back we could make it up to him that he was not coming with us On The 3rd of January we called his union president to find out just what could be arranged for time off when we returned on the 5th We were asking for his holiday time to start on the 8th to the 24th as a make up time.

before incarcerating him without cause. The Local Union President had spent the from the day after Christmas till That day in Detroit answering for not using the locals legal to see my husbands union seniority was protected, He Decided to Retire. He Suggested we Find a deep hole and pull it in after us because we were not going to like our return home on the fifth since the ACLU had secured my husbands release on the second instead of the 8th as we had hoped. So I hurried and put a holiday for him together for when we returned We Planed to take him out the evening we came back for his birthday a short four hour drive to a bice B and B overlooking the straights of Makinack in Michigan The five that had been told they had to work that did not because my husband was working got time off up to six months without pay and the loss of holiday pay, IT hurt people because he wanted revenge for being made to work another holiday after 19 years never getting it off.

I just wanted the Carnage he was causing because he did not get his way to stop to many were getting hurt over the stupidity that he had not had time off since I was even prepared to start the sex life he had been demanding the last 15 years. Just to get him to stop hurting peoples lives over not getting the time off to go to Europe like I did. He was on his machine set when one of the men came up on his job to show him that he had enabled the man holding pictures he took in Sydney Harbor When the Millinium Changed just to show him what his working enabled him to do.

My husband Just said take yourself and your damn pictures and stop rubbing it in that he had not had a vacation, holiday or even a weekend off in 19 years because me, his daddy and the good old boys in the community felt he owed them something besides defiance to our tyranny.

IN the plant he stated he did not owe any of the leachs a thing and from then on count on an argument about working the holidays and taking the vacations he chose. The announcment was a declaration that for every interference he was going to cause as many problems as he could.

One Girl that worked in his department said he made things so toxic that half the department decided to transfer out of town to other plants nation wide. Because he was being forced to do what was best for other people and not himself.

he created a very toxic workplace, I just did not know what I could do and other people were not going to let him drive his rights because they felt their needs were more important. On the 7th Go To The Band B with the clock and at least act like it was the new year change at midnight. IT was The last thing he ever gave me, The Letter said worth more than our marriage, He had filed it with dog leavings. Then Pointed out when we arrived at his fathers he was nothing but an uppity slave.

In His demonstration of pulling his shirts and coat off Seeing the scars that crossed his back from a whipping his father gave him when he was 17 over social defiance He dared him to do it again in the light of day at 45 while tied to a tree. It was situations like that that got him working for 29 years without time off, He would Not even look at the clock. There was no trip north.

A year latter because I could not get him to back off a job bid after a brain surgery in august I was offering everything he wanted with only one string attached, that he pull the bid for the new plant and wait for the next list in two weeks.

Holidays Vacations and A sex life would have been his with just that last agreement. Total rejection of everything we tried the next 8 years ended with so many beat into the ground every time he was made to work another holiday people ended up under his fists and feet. In I ended up shoved to the floor all my cloths torn off and he took what he felt I owed him by force.

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It was not how I intended things to go that evening as I begged him he did not have to be that way, we could meet in four hours start the arrangments by civil discussion on a way to start being inclusive. I said at least we could grow old together.

He took any hope of inclusion without trouble that evening. WhHat should I have done to keep him from ruining live just because his name was higher on the seniority list than other people Let him have his own way?

There is a lot that is probably going on in their marriage. Thank you Ashly: I will tell you that 31 years of trying to keep my husband in line with the eventual offer of sex, vacations, and his rights ended the last three years it total failure starting after three years of post surgical rehab after MRSA took his spine.

with you

Before he was at a point that any interference started being met with a devistating response usually ending in someone badly hurt Like the last vacation on the orient express I went on insince his father, the community and I had tried to get him to only consider taking a vacation between the holiday shutdown for most the plant and February 14th. let people with needs like marriages and kids to consider have he prime vacation considerations. In things started to get deadly over his seniority and his rights.

After A brain surgery earlier on that year he decided his seniority of 25 years counted for more than another mans eight years even though he was the son of a county commissioner who had social responsibilities outside the job.

When my husband took what was known to be a privileged position at the new plant a position supposed to be held for people of influence and connections the union contract was not going to back the communities need in the matter.

So my husbands father got into it saying just once we would like him to do something without blackmailing him with the promise of sex from me or out right physically forcing him to back off. I went to my husband actually on my knees begging him to just pull his bid, I promised to normalize our marriage. let him start taking holidays, vacations and weekends as he saw fit and I said with the new plant there were other positions going to be opened so he could wait a few months.

He turned into a man after that surgery that was loud angry. and non cooperative to the ends of the earth. he pulled his Army foot locker out, and got some equipment I had never seen before out and started practicing with three foot long blades in a sort of dance until I found a certificate verifying he was a 3rd dan Black Belt In Sho Rae in his hands these weapons could end a life in seconds. Since he was force back to work far sooner than he should have been by his father and coworkers They let him have one tenth the time he was told to take off and the only six days he had off in 24 years after the navy.

He seemed to know the furor that would be raised about putting in his bid with his 25 years accrued seniority because he also started intense workouts at the union halls gym three hours every day.

Then everyone heard the national union sided with him over the job overriding the local. The day before the bids were going in I was promising a sex life, everyone would not say a thing any longer in what he wanted with seniority, even to get him included with no complaint from any one in the summer Ireland vacation in The family and many friends went on these every three years and it was a source of great anger from my husband when we figured out ways to keep him working. every three years we would say just take the mid winter time so others with more need could have the prime times.

holidays have also become a bit in his teeth. He wanted them over people with children and tremendous needs. and I could never figure out a way to get both of them take care of. We truly lost track of the time that had past without time off. the arguments were a source of distraction in that because they always left everyone scared and drained. Wishing just one holiday or vacation he was not so vocal about having to work, several argument left me so sick I had to be put in a mental hospital.

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after he slammed out of the house yelling he had rights to. In he left 4 men dying on our front porch for daring to lay their hands on him to force him to remove his bid.

I was so thankful that morning he did not have access to his army foot locker and the weapons it contained. But in under a minute he still displayed he did not need them. In it had been 7 years of armed intimidation to get him to cooperate when he stopped caring if they were used, He even said he hoped they would so he could direct the people using them to their personal lake of fire in hell. One man helping push him into work on thanksgiving had his weapon yanked out of his hands and the butt used on his face putting bone into his brain and his father and 2 others found themselves under the barrel of a 12 guage loaded and ready to fire.

Christmas earned a personal visit from the new sheriff on Christmas after my husband forced two men out of the back seat of his fathers car at 45 MPH Chocked his father out trying to cause a wreak and kicked another mans face through the windshield all because he did not want to work we got told we would be arrested the next trouble.

The next trouble was MayI had let his father take the vacation paper work and cancel his trip on the orient express. that may. I thought his father kicking in the cancelation fee was very fair and I started working on a five week rental in st Croix the winter of I was going to hand everything to him at his work gate that Christmas instead of the usual ten he got and the turkey sandwiches for Christmas I was going to tell him that on Saturday the 2nd of January we were leaving for a five week vacation there to make up for the past 24 years.

But We arrived at the airport and had his steward and union Chaplin meet us in an office that TSA was letting us tell my husband he had to go back to work while his coworker left with us with his new bride We all knew the coworker had 2 years to my husbands 34, and I was standing there telling my husband that I had the cancelation and fees in my purse and was going to hold them till latter that year.

he said and where is my passport I said his father is going to turn it in to TSA and he could pick it up after we were in the air. I was in the air the next second flying across the room with a dislocated shoulder and it took seven men to pry his fingers off his fathers throat getting his passport back. He demanded our double returned and the coworker refused to go back from the airport and take his time latter.

my husband had the dollar check but he made a mistake by threatening to drive to Ohare and catching the direct flight and meeting us at every stop into Istambul to make our life hell TSA conferred with state and nobody wanted overseas trouble over this, so they put him on a months no fly after we came back. As it was I was arrested for grand theft. His father was arrested for theft and theft of a federal ID his passport. I saw my husband at the beginning of October with his father.

Barely ten minutes when he finally let me back in the house and have a allowance. Even then everyone could tell he was ill. He was almost doubled over in pain. After he left the cafeteria his steward and chapline said we would not get away with what we did. that year. His vacation papers when put in would be the final say in the matter, He would not be all0wed to work another vacation and the holidays were not going to be worked by him he would not even be let in the plant because they would lock his ID out.

By the end of October he was paralyzed from his upper legs down. A MRSA abscess in his spine had turned it into something the doctors said looked like Swiss chess. By the time he was out of the induced coma, He woke up and thought his legs were just asleep. He had trouble remembering why he was there but he put the bed rails down and tried standing up and promptly hit the floor. The next hour the doctor sat with my crying husband telling him why he did not let him die on the table.

when he was told he would be wheel chair bound. The next three years was learn to use his hands another two surgeries one heart and one gall bladder appendices.

and three strokes. I had been mostly lonely trying to keep my perpetually angry husband from disrupting lives using myself as the eventual reward for his cooperation. Started back seeing a very old Boy friend that contacted me through Face book. we saw each other every time he was in town the last year. I goofed when I accepted one last meeting with him after my husbands return home. I was expecting his return the week before in a wheel chair.

but he walked up the stairs and into the house with a cane he carved in occupational therapy Found out that he still could operate as a man in that respect, He came home and I said we could get a new bed for him in his room so he did not have to get off the floor. he said That was not happening If I wanted into the bed in the master bedroom I would have to get in beside him.

I went to the mat until I could think of a way to get him incorporated into the traditions and ways things were done now after 31 years of not being included. My last night with my AP Was horrible when my husband trapped us in the drive the next morning. We went in to take things off the street and I found my luggage packed and ready to go, - organicherbie.comship assignment ready for my AP to take. The offer was I could take all household items where ever I went and nothing else.

He said I already robed him of 31 years I was getting nothing more. My AP got arrowgent with my husband told him he was just going to take it as I dictated and then he swept my husbands cane as he past going to sit down Started laughing and saying how did I end up with this pathetic looser.

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I should describe my husbands cane he carved and uses. That cane has a removable rubber tip for a ice spike and my husband removed it and drew his arm back holding it like a spear I could see my husband was enraged beyond reason. as that cane fractured my APs scull, when the police arrived even they saw he was in an unreasonable rage.

I'm sick of it always being "the guys fault". My wife of 15 year's only let's me go down on her, bringing her an orgasm, but won't touch me ANYWHERE. She refuses to reciprocate and give me oral sex, won't touch me down there, hell, she won't even make out. I'm left to jerk off by myself constantly, and she knows it. I tell her I've tried talking among other things, but my wife says she just doesn't feel like having sex anymore. This is extremely frustrating because she wants me to be the ideal husband in every other way except that. I think it's very unfair that she wants and expects to have her emotional needs met, but won't meet mine wife wont fuck. (, results) p. Hottest Mature Ever You wont Believe. 13 min. p 13 min Czech AV - M Views -. p. Helena Price Cuckold Husband 5 - I give My sad small dick hubby an uninspired hanjob. He cant get hard

he was slamming his fist into the other man screaming whos the pathetic looser now My AP went to ICU My husband tov a stress center where everything started to unravel. I was accused of abuse of an adult in the marriage, abuse of civil liberties on my husband, basically the doctor was sending everything he had to the DA. His father was so angry leaving the phyc doctors office he stopped where his mother was taking to my heavy drugged husband. started screaming at him about boo hoo you did not get any time off you wanted, boo hoo there was not sex with your wife.

when was he going to be a man and just take what he was allowed. The wheel chair that they let my husband use as a walker flew after his farther through plate glass doors flattening him The put my husband in the jacket and back in the cool off room that day. He came home on the worst evening possible the next week I had promised his father and his best friend several months before that I would go to a invitation only social event with my father in laws best friend and mother in law.

The center called for his pickup on that cold January day. it was outside and is father suggested they let him walk the 20 miles home in it to build character.

They found an insurance clause to bring him home. He came in just as I finished getting ready to go. when I was facing him I felt I was trying to get past a grizzly bear in the door.

Consider, my wife wont fuck me remarkable, rather valuable

One that could take my head off with one swat. I started crying before the first word was out I said that I had promised this months ago I could not back out of it at this late hour. He was getting angrier by the second and he asked me how many promises had I made him since we married in How many had I kept to him since, he said lets see I cant count them because the number was 0.

He was right in 31 years not one promise made by me was kept. He said well I am making a promise now if I made it out of the house that evening I was not coming back in. I was going to keep the promise I first made him 31 years before starting that evening and any other promise to any one else took last place to him I owed him 31 years of marital life. And he was taking his right as a husband as of that evening. He ripped a brand new cocktail dress off me turning it into shreds. I was crying and offering a to meet any where in four hours after the event he wanted so everyone could have a say.

It was not love but it was rage, anger, and revenge. for what I had helped do to him. I did not make the event and neither did any one else. His fathers friend thought he could bluff his way past my husband when he said get a badge and warrant.

He said out of my way crip I am coming in and he ended up face first in the drive with a concustion and a six by four inch flap of skin peeled back. The latest incident was a friend of the family meeting my husband at the door to his mothers memorial service telling my husband he would get his rear kicked if he did not go away. My husband looked like the incredible hulk slamming the man around and walking into the funeral home.

I could almost here puny friend from him. All we heard from the deputies there was he should have stayed out of my husbands face. they actually laughed about that poor man being tossed around like a rag doll. I have said before. Things were never meant to get to this point, just others had so many needs my husbands time could provide and all he had to be was compliant not defiant.

I cry most the time now. I have been under a microscope for the last two years. Nothing is ever cooperated with for any reason. He would just toss me out without my now two year old His fathers been hurt trying to get him to show some manners about being invited on s vacation trip to Cancun.

I tried one compromise. I begged him to wait three more years until the Hawaii trip, I would talk myself blue to get him included then since this was his fathers last trip. He shot everything down about it an broke his fathers neck in the exchange of blows wen he refused to allow me to loan a friend his berth price and made a double berth reservation for us. I know we used methods to keep my husband from his rights we had no business doing.

But did that give him the right to take them by violent means when we tried to keep him from them. I just wanted a life in peace, love and understanding, What I have is a full scale turf war. Sounds like she got what she had coming. Unfortunately, I am way too familiar with this situation. This way he can feel wanted again. What else would she expect him to do? Oh wait, be loyal, respectful, loving and caring. If she is not satisfied with her marriage and she chooses to not talk about it.

She is purposely sabotaging her marriage. on contrary it is exactly what she expects. Dump her! she sucks!! It will hopefully start to send out a message to masses.

Great one, James. And a hot topic. This link goes to my newsletter. The topic is worth diving into IMO. Great article as usual James. I actual think the spread sheet is a great idea although it would have been better as a hard copy and not an email.

It could have been used as a visual and conversation aid. He may have tried to communicate his frustrations merely verbally to no avail.

It seems the marriage would benefit from third party intervention and examination of a spiritual, physical and marital nature to expose and remedy their road blocks. I have been married happily to the same man now for 36 years and speak from experience when I say that mutual pleasurable sex is a glue that helps to bond the sanctity of marriage.

Laughing, touching, helping each other with chores and creating lots of private jokes are all very helpful also. Face it men usually more than women Need and Want Sex. And they will usually get it from someone. This is putting their marriage in peril They need help! I have found the Bible, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, Light His Fire, Light Her Fire and The Five Love Languages very helpful.

Keep up the good work! Emailing something like this to your spouse for her to open up at work is just ridiculous and asking for more trouble. Yeah, exactly. which leads to a lack of emotional intimacy. which leads to a lack of physical intimacy, aka sex. Many of the husbands in this position have talked themselves out: Figured out their wives kept them around for one reason as the piggy bank.

A social stepping stone to What was at one time known as respectability. The last vacation I had coming before I became ill in I had trained and worked with a young man with 2 years seniority that had transferred into the department.

Much prompt my wife wont fuck me what words..., magnificent

I had worked everyday 12 or 16 hours a day since my return from the Silent service in I had 34 years seniority, Been hounded and badgered out of every vacation holiday and weekend I should have been allowed to take off, and my wife would be standing there wringing her hands.

asking me if I really needed to take that job, that shift, that weekend, that holiday. or that vacation slot that some one else needed so despratly for their own needs.

She would say thing like you know this just sets the day we can start our life back that much farther then follow it with the promise. tell you what the next time we will let you have what you want and even start a sex life then with no one angry or mad they wanted something I took because I had earned it.

I was back mailed and after even forced with shotguns and firearms to work because I was not even considered human in their opinion, I was nothing better than a mule. When I became stubborn I was to be beaten into getting my rear up and do as ordered. In I decided that I was done with the promises my wife gave. I took a job over a privleged crack brained drug dealer who thought his fathers position as the county commissioner gave him protection.

I had 25 years seniority to his eight. The national union forced it down the locals throat I was taking the bid. and My father who was the commissioners best friend. came over with the commissioner and told me I was going to remove my name from the bid.

I Had been told years before what I would get again if I showed disrespect to my betters in society again. I asked my father at that time if he remember what I said at that time when him and his friend standing next to him cut me off that tree the next morning.

I said you remember what I said, I told him if any one laid their hands on me again with out my telling them they could I would take it as an attack upon me and I would do my level best to make sure they went away bleeding and broken he said that was nearly 30 years ago I could not hold a grudge that long.

I ask others of this forum.

have removed question

How long would you hold a grudge, If one day you pulled up to your house, someone used a golf driver to knocked you out and you found yourself tied to a tree. Your father and four other men demanding an apology for taking back somthing you earned from their sniveling brats. Because I would not apologize They used electric cord on my back demanding I say I was sorry for forcing their brats off first string in football. When my mother and wife saw the polariods the surgon took of my back two days latter they became ill.

Sections of my spine and ribs were showing through the cuts they had opened with the cord I required 3 units of blood, and stiches plus staples and massive anti biotic infusions. That next morning the crack head and three others laid their hands on me and I reduced four men into grave and critical care patients.

I am not Dr Phil and I can not fix her or make her desire me. my efforts of work, finances, romance, handyman, yard keeper, fixer of all things, mechanic, mean nothing. the lord bless her and I hope she makes a choice to receive him in her heart, but till then I need to salvage the crumbs of my damaged sanity to get out of this god awful mess.

Everytime I tried to leave he would tell me he would kill me and no one would find me. Brenda, My heart grieves for what you have lived through. As Believers, we have not been given a spirit of fear but of sound mind. You are also permitted to divorce your husband since he has been unfaithful. Matthew I have been very patient and loving towards her to show her i love her and to be understanding.

Her lack of intimate time makes me feel un loved and un desirable. It leaves me with feelings of rejection and un loved. Its feels like she only loves me when things are going her way.

She stays up all night playing on the computer just to avoid me and im out of things to try. I love her deeply but the lack of intimacy is making me feel further and further away from her. Im full of resentments and our relationship is weakening. Im afraid to talk to her about what the bible says as im afraid it will only anger her. But if something doesnt happen soon im afraid we will loose that special love we have always had for each other that makes marriage a joy.

How should i talk to her about this without being offensive and making things worse? Share your heart with her just like you did here. Make sure you communicate with her in a gentle and loving way with complete humility. But the more she gets involved with her church the less she has intimate feelings for me. I think she is intentionally neglecting our sex life because she knows how much I really want her need her, but she just tells me I have developed a problem and need to see a Dr.

This is extremely frustrating because she wants me to be the ideal husband in every other way except that. Women will lose the desire when they are experiencing these issues.

If she is expressing that she truly loves you talk with her about seeing her OBGYN for a check up. Praying for your family God Bless and direct you to use wisdom. it sucks cause I love here and I never imagine be a day without the kids. Im a 32 year old man and this is my 3rd year of marriage. Im a reallly good husband that loves her so much and I try to do as much as I can. Thre is starting to be a big lack of respect for me and our marriage too, but if I mention it she thinks Im being stupid or a typical husband.

Wow,really enlightening stuff,Wes and Done. that are suffering within their marriages just trying to hold the family together,i. My wife or soon to be ex-wife is more or less the same. I hate the fact that I do all the things that are meant to make a wife happy but all I get is constant rejection. not only does she profess to love me,she says she wants us to be together. yet pulls away from anything remotely physical. Before you say anything about me sleeping downstairs.

You know why? So now I watch porn and masturbate,just so that i can be under the same roof as my kids. I see no help insight as she seems happy with the status quo,but for me. Only you can change your situation.

the logic here being. run for your life,the world has infinite soulmates for you,not just the one. I am a young wife at 21 and my husband is Unfortunately we were not celibate before we were married but enjoyed an active sex life before he went into the army when I was Afterwards, his libido diminished greatly and to this day, I would gladly make love to my husband once or twice every day while he is satisfied with twice a week.

Have you any advice for wives who have a higher sex drive than their husbands? It seems that every bit of advice out there is for wives with lower sex drives.

What hurts the most is that when he doesit becomes all about him. Thank you so much for your advise and simple way of making things for me it truly does feel like if were to be speaking to my sister in God I truly do appreciate you ministry and I will pray for you and it Am a new follower of you work and it has change my life for the best I want to become more Christ-like not only for me but for the world around me, so they see me as a better more Godly person and you have sure taken me there Thank you so much once again May God Bless you always and may your ministry grow to help others as it has help me!!!

Omission from your article: HE has physical issues. ED is a very common and serious condition that many couples have to deal with. And the medications a. are not generally covered by insurance and are VERY expensive.

Very very frustrating for a woman who has a good sex drive. Very frustrating. Try to seek some form of intimacy with your man in spite of his physical condition. Jolene, Thank you so much for sharing your heart and being so vulnerable. Just found you from a friend on Facebook and subscribed. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, Julie! It is my hope and prayer that the Lord will strengthen all women come to this online ministry.

He hated sex, me and all married life, I was disgusting to suggest that we have sex. We did on our wedding night and to him it was the last straw. The next day he moved to our basement where he eats, sleeps and does what ever he does. I am 43 and he is We have been married for 4 years and have 2 small boys. We have only had sex when I wanted to get pregnant. I can count on one hand how many times we have had sex otherwise.

I would do it every day plus I take care of the house and kids. I also work full time and contribute as much as he does financially. We have tried counseling and he just provides excuses for his selfish behavior. He is not even nice to us. I can take care of the 3 of us myself. I have been married 5 years this last July.

I love my wife deeply. April 2 years ago we decided to try for our first and we suffered a miscarriage in the second month. However, after the miscarriage it is non existent. We have been intimate once in over two years and she cried herself to sleep afterwards. Being scared she would get pregnant again.

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