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There is an authority somewhere that knows right from wrong, and they told you? Why would you believe anyone?

Are you one of those TV-watchers? Jeez, people need to throw away those brainwashing-machines, they're an assault on human minds. Please tell me you haven't been living your life based on what TV said was right and wrong, and acceptable and unacceptable.

She made an imprint on you when you were at an impressionable age. She came onto him. Sounds to me like you are serious. But communicate first and make sure you are both on the same page about things like telling others and frequency and that sort of thing. Otis are you single?

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Is she single? Show All Show Less. Single, and she's not happy in her marriage. Hey Otis. Back here thinking about this again? Glad I could help. Coulis opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

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Xper 7. Nooooooo, it isn't. At all. Perhaps tou need to identify the root cause of thisburge that may have to do with past traumas.

Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. humanearth 3.

No Sound/The Intruder

Not for me, not my thing. But your both adults and she most not likely to get pregnet. because of her age Near my town, there is a sister and brother always had sex and had two kids.

Both kids ended up being born all messed up. All kinds of shit wrong with them. MillenniumBill Xper 6. I'm not advocating bro-sis relationships, but maybe just discussing your feelings with her will be enough to get it out of your system without actually sleeping with her. And yeah, don't expect her to be very receptive at first.

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But do you want to go on like you are now? GAGSucksBalls1 Xper 7.

i mean, technically, the only reason you can't have sex with your immediate family, is because of course, you'll wind up with messed up kids, if you had a baby with them. but, no technically, as long as you're not getting her pregnant, there's "nothing wrong" with having sex with your sister.

bowenw 4.

My sister fuck video

I think it's common for guys to be attracted to their older sisters but it's not normally acceptable to act on those urges. Have you discussed your urges with her other than sending her dick pics and videos? Are either of you married to someone?

misanthropistkev Xper 5. RCLJT opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

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Xper 4. You need to see a counselor before you get arrested for rape, sexual assault and incest, go find a tiny titty hooker somewhere. Scobby-Dube Xper 2. I am questioning your mental state to have even asked such a thing.

Get some help.

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CubaPirate Only if you're from Asia or the deep south of the USA. colin77 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. U need prayers it's ok if u find yr sister attractive but u gone to far man. bclbn 1.

it is not okey. I think you are heavily into incest porns which makes your mind perverted. This is very common for teenagers, but your 57 FFS. OddBeMe 4. derdepedie Xper 4.

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I was sexualy atracted to at my older sister but i never fuck her bro that's disgusitng. SirJohn42 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Gedaria Master.

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It's a thing to carry around with you. pokenstroke Xper 6.

My dad has done stuff he shouldn't do around his kids (like buying porn movies etc). But anyway, for several months after my mum told me I went through a roller coaster of feelings; guilt because I couldn't help my older sister, how much I care about her, anger and disappointment towards our dad, grief (it almost felt like my dad had died), and wanting to help her. The feeling that I wanted to

You are both adults, if she is for it, have fun. jimmy2 3.

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JessieBellll opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Sexual attraction is normal babe. Avicenna 7. NerdDG opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

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Xper 3. Oh God you need a professional help.

When I was 14, my sister was I propositioned her and almost had sex with her. I tried but she didn't want to. I found myself masturbating in front of her. She then asked me if I wanted to do it and I said "no, that's what makes girls pregnant" Could that have been considered abuse or mere play as in playing doctor? demoniac Consumer 0 Posts: 19 Joined: Wed Feb 14, pm Local time My future wife and I shared an apartment with her two roommates. Her mom and sister lived in the next building in the same complex. I was in college then, and between jobs, so it was normal for me to be alone. We were usually nude when at home, mostly in the bedroom. This was almost 35 years ago, so I'm reaching way back. MIL had a habit of walking in unannounced. More than once at the 13 year old sister begged me not to tell my mum she gave a bj? I've been home for few weeks as it's the summers holidays, I've spent loads of time with family but have barely seen my little sister, mum says she's always out with her friends and her new boyfriend. Me and her had a movie night 3 days ago and all of a sudden she starts crying, I

ronaldo75 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. exitseven 4. I'm a male and sister or not I stay exclusive to my wife. Vote C. I'm a male and sure why not help a sister in law out. Vote D. Select age and gender to cast your vote:.

Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Ladies would you let your sister have sex with your man if she was feeling down and depressed?

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and fellas? Add Opinion. Alessus opinions shared on Sexuality topic. I wouldn't. My word is my honor and in agreeing to marry my hypothetical wife, I gave my word that I would be exclusive to her only.

Even if she and her sister would both be fine with it, I wouldn't be as I feel it would go against my sense of honor. Even is she was just my girlfriend and her sister had the problem, the answer would still be the same from me.

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Zygum opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. Sex with sister in law is not objectionable if she is willing and attracted to you but married life of both should not be disturbed. You should look after her and fulfill her requirements of happiness. witherwing opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Most likely not one of us three would agree to the situation. I'm pretty sure my sister doesn't want to have sex with my boyfriend and my boyfriend doesn't want to have sex with my sister.

No one is that desperate.

Video shows teacher strip naked, chase students at California elementary school A physical education teacher at Carthay Center Elementary School in Los Angeles outraged parents and upset students Me and my sister had our first experience at a much much younger age and really it was her idea. She was a year older than me, I was 12 at the time (true story). It was the summer of '79 and she was already getting in trouble chasing after older boys so I guess she was already sexually active. Our parents left to go shopping one day which left us all alone for a few hours, she came to me and One sister older by a couple years and one younger a couple years. My younger sister and I were closer in our younger years and partied together. Then she went on and I stayed back partying. Then my older sister had a very successful husband that liked to get drunk and beat up his wife. He was a control freak. As long as she stayed single he

lol they say life is full of surprises. lol Xper 6. How in the world is this on TV? biankaMae Xper 2. Hell no my partner said the same he won't let anyone touch me. Show All Show Less. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Wowie opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

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This is a level of perception. Does it happen has it happened yes. Everything was fine until she confessed to my girlfriend that she had feelings for me and wanted a three-way relationship. My girlfriend at the time agreed which began a slow disintegration of the whole thing. Apparently somehow it ended up being my fault. poppy80 Xper 1.

Warning: Images from video above may be disturbing. Sheriff's deputies in Panama City Beach, Florida, are searching for two men accused in a gang rape on a crowded beach. Two other suspects have Ever since i was a kid, i've wanted to fuck my oldest sister. I'm now 57, and still want to. I've always been attracted to her, and don't know why. I know morally, its wrong, but i can't help my sexual feelings for her. When we were kids, she would come down for breakfast in the morning with just a silky nighty on, nothing else. Her perky little titties looked so scrumptious. When she would My sister-in-law was spoiled & used to getting her way. She was 5 years younger than my wife. During sex play and talk my wife wanted to be bullied and controlled. I talked about her sister was going to bully her & force her to watch as she took her husband from her. My wife got off on this and would easily get excited. I told her sister about it. Long story short over a few weeks her sister

It depends. If you 3 talk it out and set some ground rules. She was 5 years younger than my wife. During sex play and talk my wife wanted to be bullied and controlled. My wife got off on this and would easily get excited.

I told her sister about it. My wife loved it. Screenwriter 1.

Mansharing is bullshit. Everyone gets depressed after breakups.

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