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Instantly he felt his guts lose the support of his abdominal muscles, and fearing the he would suffer disembowelment, he dropped his gladius, and using both hands, attempted to prevent the vertical cut in his belly from opening. Bellus then went up to the boy, and roughly pulled away what was left of the groaning lad's leather thong.

The tiny leather support dropped away onto the sand, leaving poor Furtim 'bollock-naked'. Bellus then grabbed hold of the distraught, terrified boy's bulky scrotum.

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Not my balls! Bellus then cut off Furtim's hefty bollocks in one cut. My bollocks! Bellus then casually dropped the severed balls in front of his squealing, castrated opponent.

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By then Furtim was sitting on the sand, propped up against the arena wall, and looking down at the blood pumping rhythmically from his mutilated belly and groin. Bellus then went over to the boy again, and rammed Furtim's own gladius into the helpless boy's bulging, mutilated belly.

And those were the last words that Furtim ever said While the audience applauded, the naked, disembowelled and castrated Furtim, sat upright, pissing on the sand, and staring at his severed balls that were lying on the sand in front of him, as he rapidly lost blood.

Then Furtim grunted, noisily voided his bowels, and toppled over to one side - dead. The final part of the 'Ludi ad Auspicari Novam Aetatem' - Games for the Start of a New Era involves a 'tableaux' long planned by Marcus and Petronius depicting the lovers Achilles and Patroclus fucking, followed by a battle between the Greeks and the Trojans in which Patroclus is killed and stripped naked by the Trojans.

The Greeks rescue the boy's body, and take fourteen Trojan captives - whom they later sacrifice while the funeral pyre of Patroclus burns.

The story is taken from the 'Iliad' by Homer. Patroclus Varus Wearing the Helmet of Achilles Enters the Arena Varus, as Patroclus, then returned to the arena, clad in Achilles' magnificent helmet and a gold loincloth, in order to lead Achilles' faithful 'Myrmidons' against the Trojan warriors at the Gates of Troy.

?????????? - the Myrmidons - were a legendary people of Greek mythology, native to the region of Thessaly. The Myrmidons of Greek myth were known for their skill in battle, and loyalty to their leaders. During the Trojan War, they were commanded by Achilles. Speared Myrmidon ?????????? - the Myrmidons - were a legendary people of Greek mythology, native to the region of Thessaly. The Killing of Patroclus for the full story see 'The Story of Gracchus' CHAPTER XXXIV - LVDI AD AVSPICARI NOVAM AETATEM - Part II.

CHAPTER XXXIV - LVDI AD AVSPICARI NOVAM AETATEM - Part II. Levem Disemboweled for the full story see 'The Story of Gracchus' CHAPTER XXXIV - LVDI AD AVSPICARI NOVAM AETATEM - Part II. THE STORY OF GRCCHUS CHAPTER XXXX - 'NOCTEM STELLAS'. CHAPTER XL - NOCTEM STELLAS. With his Penis Bitten off - Andrippos is Strangled. Epitomes and Leontius Wait their Turn to Fight.

Epitomes and Leontius in Full Armour. Epitomes KneesLeontius in the Groin. Leontius Emasculated, Disembowelled, Impaled and Decapitated. these are 'vintage' images, and NOT part of 'The Story of Gracchus'. VORTIGERN PUTS ON A SHOW. THE LAST FIGHT. VORTIGERN STRIPPED NAKED. I'm pissin' and shittin'!

Naked gladiator boys

Help me! Moments later the naked gladiator would be castrated. and, then receive the fatal blow - then later, when there. was time to 'clear up', Charon would enter to check if. the fighter was really dead. If he showed any signs of.

life, Charon would then smash his skull with a hammer. He's cuttin' off my fuckin' cock and balls! CASTRATED NAKED GLADIATOR.

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Naked, Gallic gladiator Vortigern is lifted off the sand, and. held by a young arena slave, while his Greek opponent, Demonax. slowly saws off the squealing Gaul's penis and testicles. ON DISPLAY - NAKED IN THE ARENA. After the Gallic gladiator, Vortigern, has been castrated. his cauterised erect penis and testicles are stuffed into his mouth.

and he is led round the arena. SPEARED NAKED GLADIATOR. Naked, Gallic gladiator Vortigern is laid on his belly. as his Greek opponent, Demonax. spears him through his spine. COMBAT IN THE ARENA - VARIOUS.

Disembowelled, Castrated. Naked Roman Gladiator. Flavius - Disembowelled, Castrated. Castrated Naked Gallic Boy-Gladiator.

Naked Gladiators Fighting in the Arena. Vindrex - Naked Ancient Roman Wrestler. Gladiatorial fights were a different matter, as the loser was often mutilated and killed. Ephebus and Felix were lucky in their first fights, and were able to defeat, fuck and kill their younger opponents'.

Finally, however, Grachus' agents found a number of new boys, whom Grachus then tended to favour more than Ephebus and Felix. The boy's cell was now needed for some newcomers, so Grachus, as was his way, decided that he needed to be rid of the two boys.

Grachus was above all a good showman, and he knew that his audiences needed to regularly see good fights that ended with spectacular deaths.

Equally the spectators like to see an unusual twist to the simple combat format. Brother fighting brother, boy fighting older 'stud', old man fighting young man - these were all good variations that the crowd liked to see.

In the case of Ephebus and Felix it would be a fight between two friends who were also boy-lovers, and it would be made clear to the audience in posters and programmes that these boys were lovers who would now have to fight each other to the death.

EPHEBUS and FELIX - THE FIGHT. It was in this way that Ephebus and Felix found themselves entering the arena, kitted out as gladiators, one afternoon.

The naked, emasculated bodies of the two dead boys had been dragged away and hung from the arena-wall. Grachus, of course, wanted to be rid of not just Felix, but also Ephebus, and because Ephebus had turned out to be quite a good fighter, Grachus chose a much older and more experienced fighter, Calvius, to make sure that Ephebus was ' finished-off ' that afternoon Fitcasting - Gladiator Camp - Part 2/ 5 min. p 5 min Argava Rallo - k Views -. p. frontal spartacus 1. 4 min. p 4 min Hotnsxc - M Views -. p. Four gay studs ride cock and give blowjobs on couch during gay orgy Army boys naked. Military men erotica. Muscle army hunks. Male models military uniform. Recommended to visit for more male beauty: Best male strippers videos. Naked men gay erotica. Naked men and boys in movies. Handsome guys. Stunning naked men. Male fitness models. Big cock men. Big cock fitness models

Ephebus, with dark hair, and slightly older, wore a very high waisted 'cache-sex', very small loinclothmade of the very finest white linen, which nicely exposed the sides of his smooth, boyish belly, and left little to the imagination with regard to the boy's obviously quite large 'privates'.

With just two thin cords running up either side of his tight little buttocks, at the rear, the crowd also got a good view of the handsome lad' muscular, smooth backside. Felix, the other lad, was blond, with golden, tousled hair, and was very young and cute. The crowd gave a great cheer when Felix entered the arena as he was to fight 'Greek-style', without a loincloth, and therefore 'bollock-naked'. Either because he was very young, or had been very skilfully depilated, he had no pubic hair, or any body hair at all!

Despite the young Felix's youth, however, he was unnaturally 'well-endowed'. By the time Flix entered the arena his thick long 'boy-tool' was already quite 'stiff', either from the aphrodisiacs he had already been given, or from the thought of appearing naked with his young lover in the arena, while below his hefty prick was the very loose, 'low-slung', smooth, hairless pouch of skin, his boyish 'ball-sack', that contained his bulky testicles.

If this fight had ended with a sexual encounter, it would have been very exciting, but unfortunately young Felix's inexperience caused the fight to end prematurely.

This,of course, annoyed Grachus intensely, and confirmed his decision that Ephebus should be killed that afternoon. Ephebus and Felix Copyright Vittorio Carvelli The fight began with the inevitable sparing, with Felix, with his stiff prick bouncing around provocatively, looking the least experienced of the two lads.

Felix had no idea of how to use his shield properly, - exposed his front, and Ephebus lunged forward and wounded the naked boy in the belly, with the sword. While the crowd cheered and laughed, the two young boys stood facing each other.

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Ephebus was standing looking, with a broad grin, at his impaled opponent, while young Felix started crying as he lost control of his bowels and bladder and started shitting and pissing on the sand.

As he stood fouling himself, he stared at Ephebus with a helpless look, as if unable to believe what his young opponent and his friend at the Gladiatorial School, had just done to him!

By now, although his prick was still long and thick, it had begun to droop a little. It was unlikely that Ephebus would be interested in raping the boy, as Felix had fouled himself badly, and his arse-hole and crack were by then far from inviting.

Ephebus and Felix Copyright Vittorio Carvelli Ephebus, however, had got really horny watching naked Felix being skewered in front of the crowd, and wanted desperately to see his 'one-time' boyfriend jerk-off and cum one last time. By this time Felix was crawling around on the sand, begging for help.

While this was going on, Ephebus called for an impaling baton from one of the arena-slaves. Don't impale me! Not up the bum! Moments later Ephebus had been given the thick wooden baton, and proceeded to ram it into helpless young Felix's rectum. My arsehole! The baton, however, had the required effect, and it jerked spasmodically, as Felix's sphincter repeatedly tensed, and the naked little boy started to get really 'hard'.

Great, Felix! That's just what we wanted! The crowd too saw what was happening, and cheered and applauded. Ephebus and Felix Copyright Vittorio Carvelli " Get up Felix! Ephebus then spread the naked boy's legs - wider and wider - by degrees, pressing down on Felix's head, so that eventually the poor, skewered boy had his legs so wide that the end of the baton touched the sand.

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I'll try! It's so fuckin' hard! Felix legs so so widely spread, that once he started jerking-off he had difficulty maintaining his balance - so Ephebus put one hand on Felix arm to steady him. Soon Felix was dribbling pre-cum on the sand, while the crowd cheered him on. Squirt your stuff! Ephebus and Felix Copyright Vittorio Carvelli By this time Felix's large, low-hanging balls were moving in their hairless sack as the naked, impaled lad approached his orgasm.

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Felix looked up at Ephebus, and straight at the cheering crowd as he beat his meat even more frantically. As Felix's spunk squirting subsided, poor little guy was unable to keep his balance, and fell over, onto his back. The baton was now jerking obscenely in his stretched arse-hole with each squirt, and his cock twitched on his taught belly, as it dribbled out the last of his copious cum.

YOUNG FELIX IS CASTRATED While an arena slave held Felix by his shoulders, Ephebus then pulled the thick, wooden baton from Felix's anus. It came out with a plop, while Felix, who was still recovering from his orgasm, grunted, - and the end of the baton was stained with excrement and blood.

Ephebus and Felix Copyright Vittorio Carvelli Ephebus the repeated his previous move, forcing Felix to spread his legs wider and wider. You're dislocating my fuckin' legs! As was said before, Felix was unnaturally 'well-endowed', considering his extreme youth, with a very 'low-slung' ball-sack. Ephebus took advantage of this, and roughly grabbed hold of the well-filled 'ball-bag' of his young opponent.

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Ephebus then roughly pulled the hysterical lad's scrotum out onto the sand so that it just showed between his buttocks. My fuckin ball-bag! At the other end, where his cock lay on the sand in front of him, Felix's foreskin pulled back, as his scrotum was stretched, and the 'head' of his hefty prick was fully exposed in the process. Probably realizing what was about to happen to him Felix, who had his prick, which had now become stiff again, draped out on the sand in front of him, and his balls poking out from between his buttocks behind him, started to scream to the crowd for mercy.

The crowd, of course, were watching and laughing, fascinated at the sight of the blond, cute, naked boy, stretched out on the sand, with his balls pulled one way and his cock pulled the other way. Those in the crowd who had realized what Ephebus was about to do were all calling for Ephebus' naked young opponent to be castrated!

Ephebus and Felix Copyright Vittorio Carvelli Young Felix could only sit on the sand with his legs horribly stretched, screaming, " Don't cut my bits off - please!

My fuckin' bollocks! What Ephebus didn't see, however, while he was busy at Felix' rear, cutting off the lad's balls, was young Felix squirting out his spunk onto the sand as his cords were severed, although he did hear Felix groan, just as the boy always used to groan, when he 'spunked-up' when they were having sex. That very strong 'spunk-up', spraying 'boy-seed. across the sand, was seen, however, by only half the crowd.

At this point Felix was no longer aware of what was happening to his balls, as they were no longer part of him - and was lost in the relief of his massive orgasm, and was gazing in disbelief at the splatters of gleaming, creamy white spunk on the sand. Ephebus, of course, had hold of Felix's balls.

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Ephebus, with a really big bulge in his skimpy loincloth, then came round to the front of Felix and saw the strings of creamy spunk splattered out on the sand. You've been spunkin'-up while I was cuttin' you down to size round the back! Stupidly, Felix thanked Ephebus, not really understanding at this point what had happened to him.

A cheer went up from the crowd, along with a lot of laughter at the dazed boy, who was spread out on the sand looking in disbelief at his own bloodied bollocks, which were now lying in the palm of his hand. Seeing the lad in his half-mutilated state, some of the crowd were now calling for the naked, blond young lad to lose his penis.

Felix, ignoring the crowd, looked intently at his severed balls. I'm fuckin' 'finished' now! Ephebus, who had to go with the crowd, tried to ignore his friend, and prepared to complete his young opponent's mutilation.

Fitcasting - Gladiator Camp - Part 5/ 4 min. p. 4 min Argava Rallo - k Views -. p. Legends Gay Macho Man - Island Fever - scene 3. 15 min. p. 15 min More Free Gay Porn - ANCIENT ROMAN BOY-GLADIATORS. The street corners and alley-ways of Rome were full of homeless, orphaned boys, who lived by their wits, stealing and offering themselves for 'rough-sex', often up against a wall in a dark back-street. Gracchus was always on the look out for cheap slaves, and had his agents 'trawl' the streets regularly for such 'gay gladiator' Search, free sex videos

Felix had been unable to get up after his legs had been spread appallingly wide. Now, after having his balls cut off, he was helpless, and could only sit on the sand, spread-legged, while Ephebus did what he wanted with him.

The naked young boy's stiff prick was stretched out in front of him on the blood stained sand, and it was still thick and long, and jerking up off the sand as it responded to the final weak pumping out of his creamy 'boy-juice'.

Not my 'willy' as well! Young Felix's thick penis stayed lying on the sand, although now it was detached from Felix's smooth, hairless groin, and blood was pumping from the boy's stump. What can I do now? FELIX IS IMPALED. Ephebus, of course, was trying to forget all the time that he and Felix had enjoyed themselves together, fucking, wanking and sucking.

He was experienced enough to know that it was either him or his young friend, and he would have to forget his boyish crush on cute young Felix, and continue to do some pretty appalling things to his erstwhile boyfriend if he was to stay in Grachus' 'good books', and stay alive. And anyway, he could always get another boyfriend after he had 'finished-off' poor Felix!

Little did Ephebus know, however, that Grachus had other plans for him, and there would be no new boyfriend for Ephebus, because Ephebus would end up dead and mutilated, hanging beside Felix, that very afternoon!

Meanwhile, an arena slave went over to Felix with a red hot iron. Don't burn me! Pushing Felix forwards onto the sand, the slave first cauterised what was left of Felix's scrotum. The slave the pulled Felix backwards, exposing his cock-stump, which was rhythmically pumping out spurts of blood. Not my prick! You aint got no pick!

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It burns! Finally, Felix severed penis, which was still erect, was cauterised at the base, to keep it stiff.

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Ephebus, however, was then intent on finishing off Felix in as spectacular and painful a way possible. To do that he then dragged Felix to his knees by his hair, and the sobbing boy groaned as Ephebus then stuffed the severed prick into Felix's mouth, to stop him moaning. Ephebus then pushed his naked, viciously un-sexed friend's face into the sand.

With Felix's tight little buttocks raised up, Ephebus used the large wooden baton, handed to him by one of the arena-slaves, to subject Felix to the further humiliation being publicly sodomized again, by having his tight little puckered arse-hole impaled.

Felix could still grunt, and now he grunted repeatedly as Ephebus pushed the heavy, bulbous end of the baton against Felix's tightly clenched 'hole'. Slowly the pink, wrinkled rosette gradually opened, while Felix gurgled and grunted. Finally the ring of muscle gave way, and the bulging end of the baton slid into the wriggling boy's rectum.

With a bit more pushing at least half the baton disappeared inside poor Felix, and his gleaming, hairless belly bulged. The poor boy then twisted round, and looked up at Ephebus. Felix's eyes looked to his erstwhile with incredulity. He couldn't believe what Ephebus had done to him. You've pushed it in too far!

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You're fuckin' killing me! Poor Felix, by then fatally impaled, then began squirming on the sand, pissing over himself as he writhed, while Ephebus stood over his mutilated, dying young opponent, grinning broadly as he accepted the enthusiastic applause and cheers of the crowd.

With his legs kicking wildly, and piss splattering everywhere, Felix unintentionally gave the crowd a 'good show' in his final moments, exposing his impaled, fouled anus, and revealing his mutilated, bloody crotch. When Ephebus had castrated the young lad, he had handed Felix the severed balls, which Felix now held on to tightly, as he went through his last, obscene convulsions on the sand. FELIX IS FINISHED OFF. Finally, Ephebus lifted his writhing opponent off the sand, turned him over, and dropped the young lad onto his belly.

As the handle of the sword hit the sand, it forced the blade further into young Felix's guts and the poor boy spat out his penis, and sobbed to his young tormentor. I don't wanna die!

Explicit Drawings of naked slave-boys - and the boy gladiators whom they 'serve'. click on images and open in a new tab to view full size 'Solace' Two naked young slave-boys find some comfort in eachothers arms. 'Taming a Recalcitrant Slave-boy' 'Slave-boys Forced to Perform' The other gladiators, and arena-slaves, stood around watching Celer screaming, urinating and defecating on the sand, and waited for a further sign from Petronius that the naked, pain-crazed boy should be 'finished off' Moments later the naked gladiator would be castrated. and, then receive the fatal blow - then later, when there. was time to 'clear up', Charon would enter to check if. the fighter was really dead. If he showed any signs of. life, Charon would then smash his skull with a hammer. from

Fuckin' help me! Fuckin' spare me an' I'll be your 'bum-boy'! Felix suggestion was, of courses, crazy, as he would soon die as a result of having his guts mangled, even if the physicians managed to patch up his mutilated crotch. Ignoring the pathetic, crazy pleas of his one-time friend and lover, young Ephebus then took the boy's own sword and rammed it into Felix's back, skewering the boy's heart, pinning him to the sand, and 'finishing' him in one thrust.

Then impaled and castrated, Felix vomited blood as he breathed his last, while the crowd cheered, and Ephebus stood triumphantly over his lifeless, castrated, naked young friend! The arena-slaves then stripped Felix's mutilated corpse of its arm and leg guards. The hands and feet of the naked boy's corpse were still twitching, but then corpses often do twitch for some time, and there was no doubt that Felix was well and truly dead.

Ephebus and Felix Copyright Vittorio Carvelli The arena slaves hung the dead eunuch's severed scrotum round its neck, tied wooden poles to the arms and feet, and then hung the naked, mutilated and impaled body from the arena-wall! Ephebus, in his tiny, sexy little loincloth, knowing from the cheers and applause that the men wanted to fuck him, and the girls wanted to be fucked by him, then posed provocatively beside his dead opponent.

Then, just to show the crowd how macho he was, and what little feeling he had for his one-time lover, Ephebus got hold of the baton that was poking down straight from between the corpse's legs and started thrusting it up and down, effectively fucking the corpse. The naked, mutilated body jiggled about on the rope, and Felix's head, with his face still wearing the shocked, horrified expression from the moment that he died, flopped about in an unpleasant parody of life.

Some in the crowd laughed, but most of the audience thought it was all in rather bad taste, and that Ephebus should have left the arena after receiving the applause of the crowd, and left his dead friend to simply hang from the arena wall.

When Ephebus realized that fucking his dead friend with a wooden baton was not being appreciated, he sheepishly stopped, and left the arena, having rather spoiled his moment of glory. Little did the handsome, sexy young lad realize then that he would soon be hanging naked in exactly the same way, - but minus his head, which would be lying on the sand beneath the feet of his own mutilated, naked corpse!

CALVIUS and MARCUS. Grachus' scouts seemed to have a remarkable ability to find unusually 'well-endowed' boys when they 'trawled' the back-streets and alley-ways of the city looking for 'arena-fodder'. In this case they found a dark haired, young Latin boy called Marcus. Marcus was hired out to a number of patrician parties, but his pugnacious attitude soon found him training to be a boy-gladiator.

As a boy-gladiator, he raped and killed a number of younger opponents, but for some reason, despite being remarkably 'well-endowed' and 'raunchy', he was never popular with the crowd. Pandering to the crowd's dissatisfaction with the boy, Grachus decided to match Marcus with a much older and more experienced gladiator.

Calvius was one of the most brutal and sadistic of Grachus' 'stable' of fighters, and it was certain that young Marcus would be defeated and killed in this fight. Calvius was old for a gladiator, and was slightly running to fat, although he was very muscular. He was called Calvius because his head was completely shaven.

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Marcus, apparently oblivious to the appalling fate that undoubtedly awaited him, entered the arena wearing a broad grin and almost nothing else. His only clothing were arm-guards and a slave collar, and everyone's attention was centered on the young lad's well-filled scrotum and huge 'tool', which was accentuated by his total lack of pubic hair. The fight began with the usual sparing, with bald Calvius, kitted out in boots, arm-guards, a very full, bulging loincloth and a bronze helmet.

Calvius used a spear against Marcus' sword and small, round shield.

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Early on, 'horny' little Marcus, who already had a very strong erection, seeing the huge bulge in Calvius' loincloth, went for a sword thrust to Calvius' groin, probably with the intention of castrating his older opponent. Calvius skilfully deflected his young opponent's sword. If you want to play fuckin' serious see how you like this!

The spear found its mark, and the poor, naked boy was instantly skewered as the crowd applauded and cheered! Squealing in pain, Marcus dropped his sword and shield, and fell to his knees on the sand. The poor boy, losing control of his bladder, then looked down in horror to see his stiff cock jerking up as it sprayed a huge fountain of piss over the sand.

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While the crowd were laughing at Marcus pissing himself, Calvius immediately released his grip on the spear, and while young Marcus writhed on the sand, holding on to the jerking spear poking out of his convulsing belly, Calvius removed his helmet in order to get a better look at his defeated young opponent. Calvius then ripped off the boy's arm-guards, leaving the lad stark-bollock-naked, except for his slave-collar.

Calvius then pulled the spear out of the moaning boy's belly, and seeing that the young lad was not too badly hurt, and also still had a prominent erection, he told the boy to ' wank ', and ' give a good show ' if he wanted to leave the arena alive.

I'll wank, sir! After a lot of jerking about on the sand, pulling his tight foreskin up and down over his bulging pink 'knob', the young lad finally achieved his goal. I'm cumming, sir!

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