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It was warm and soft, just like Jessica's. Claire rubbed her tummy nicely, comforting me. You do taste delicious! I'll let you out in the morning.

She continued to rub her enlarged tummy until I fell asleep. She gave a light burp and lay down on my bed.

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I slept the best I ever had in there See More by DatStrudel. It was Friday night and the beginning of summer break. Jessica was off at a friend's house for the week and Dad was on a business trip in New York. It would just be me and my mom for the weekend. Although, we probably wouldn't get to hang out much. She had just gotten laid off from her job and was taking it pretty hard.

Now she was out searching for a new one. I loved my mom.

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She was such a sweet woman. And, as a lot of my friends would say, pretty damn hot. It was around midnight and my mom was still out. I was playing Overwatch, but in the back of my mind, I was worried. Where was she?

She said she'd be home at Ten, but that had long pas. Suggested Collections. Vore by thekat Teacher Vore by Bossmanletter.

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Naked girl vores boy

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  My best friend, Claire, walked up and sat next to me. She should've been a grade above me, but she was held back once. Claire and I had been friends since the sixth grade. Everyone thought that we should date, but I didn't feel that way about her. I looked at her, she seemed upset

Log In. I curled up inside. The girl's motivation in swallowing her boy can vary. Sometimes it's simply for food or the fun of asserting her power over her meal. Other times, it's an act of affection or love, taking, "I could just eat you up! In this case, we can expect the girl to tease her meal, telling him how yummy he is, encouraging him to wiggle into her belly.

Occasionally, it occurs by an accident, and the girl is just as shocked as the boy.

Lucy's revenge. GirlsVoreBoys. 11 Comments. 81 Favourites. A special jail for a master thief. GirlsVoreBoys. 7 Comments. Favourites. Minky Momo in her mama's belly Cute, Girl Eats Girl Vore is very similar, and most of the dynamics applying to Girl Eats Boy apply to Girl Eats Girl, though Girl Eats Boy is more common. Another variation is to have the girl swallow multiple other characters, who often form a small community in her stomach. Sometimes, a jealous girlfriend will swallow her boyfriend's lover   She is interesting, despite making mostly vore pictures! It's suitable for her to refuse to do male vore, cause her username is GirlsVoreBoys! Guntherson Oct 24, Rare sight to see Eve so at peace with eating someone, though in true Eve fashion she dose seem to still be at least a little embarrassed. CratedCheese

She may try to free the boy, or may have her shock overcome by how good the boy tasted, and simply accept the boy as her meal. Other times, she may actually do this to protect the boy by hiding him inside of herself. Usually, when this is the case, being swallowed is not fatal and the girl has some way to get the boy back out.

The boy is rarely a willing victim in Girl Eats Boy Vore, but occasionally he will happily dive head-first into the girl's mouth, or, if initially unhappy with being swallowed, will learn to enjoy his confinement. Often, this vore will go a step beyond the act of consumption itself, and end with the happy, over-stuffed girl lying down to digest. Other times, it may skip the consumption, and go straight to the image of the over-stuffed girl, showing her consumption by an in-stomach view of the boy, or the boy's voice coming from her stomach.

  Artist: Lampton. Music: Cheating Juarez - John Deley and the 41 Players, The Darkness - MK2 Maria Vorada. 2. [TRADE] Pregnant Amy +VORE ALT. April vore in April. Peri this, you fucking casual. Mystique Sonia vore. [TRADE] Mama Katara? [F2U] Sefa View all All Photos Tagged girl vore. Showy Girl by emu34b. 14 1. Wanted to get one last thing in before I travel. Been wanting to do Milotic for a while, one of the few snake like preds I do like. Turns out, pretty easy to draw. Glad I did it. Decided to give her an especially long tongue too

Here's a few reasons why it works: This type of vore can easily be presented comically, or with a sense of cartoonish wholesomeness. Really cute vore never disgusts, which gives it a distinct advantage over Hard Vore, as well as pornography. Plays off of the appeal of the dominatrix, the ravenous vampire girl, food-based sensuality, and if this is an Elastic Belly Vore, rather than Giantess the image of the sexy pot-belly.

Sometimes dips into a form of Oedipus syndrome, but not always. The lines between 'perverted' and 'kinky' are mostly up to the viewer. Can represent an ideal death in the form of a death-by-sex fantasy.

You enter a woman, and you don't come out. Also, may appeal to early tribal ideas of ritual consumption of fallen allies, i. Usually shown as a basically painless form of death. Rather than being digested while conscience, the boy just gets squashed and smothered by the girl's mighty belly, and passes out in a way similar to going to sleep.

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This is heightened by the fact that the victim's prison is warm and soft. Actual digestion is not shown directly, i.

Hi, I don't see any buggy thing on my gif after I tested downloading and playing the gif using my PC. Are you using other device like the tablet to play the gif? i'm using a computer, and it still doesn't work, you might have to repost this again Apparently, sometime in earlythis gif broke except for the first few frames, and nothing beyond the girl opening her mouth is viewable. If anyone sees it differently, please comment!

Sorry to reply late.

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I've re-downloaded my gif for testing purposes and it looks fine to me. Don't know about the gif broke. Looking at it on my iPad now, the whole thing plays fine I love it btw. I'll have to double check on my PC.

I've tested download my gif on my PC desktop, just to let u know.

hey rocetartsythe gif is gone You had better make him naked when you eat him ??. Where is the rest?

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Just askin. I have such an addiction with vore and this one was smooth and I felt every motion when she shoved him in her. Add to Favourites. See More by rocetartsy.

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