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group student pictures crack me up - the young men do look like a "serious" lot. If you're not in or near Atlanta any more, I hope you have had a chance to return, and check out the new outdoor, but covered pool, which was built for the Olympics.

I'm pretty sure, suits are no longer "optional. Regarding the story from my HS about the boy walking in nekkid, I can't swear that it is true since I didn't SEE itbut I am unaware of anyone in my class who does not accept it as true. Since it is possible that he walked in on a class of girls from another year, no one from my class might have seen it, either.

Although I have lost touch with Steve S. The summer before we both entered junior high, altho we had not met one another prior to that having attended different grammar schoolswe had both been involved in accidents, and were on the same hospital ward. As it turns out, our fathers had known one another for years I'm guessing drinking buddies here. This person DOES or at least DID exist, I can vouch for it. As mentioned, at the 20th reunion, I heard the former classmate who served as M-C say that the committee who planned the reunion had wanted to give Steve a special award for the most memorable story from HS mentioned most in the questionnaire sent out, which included "what do you remember most from HS?

When Steve's response came back from Florida, where he now lives, he said that he wouldn't be able to attend. Several classmates called him back, offering to pay for his plane fare, but he never made it. Can you blame him?

Remarkable, naked boys swim team you tell lie

I didn't see it happen, and I haven't seen Steve, since we graduated, to ask him personally. If we both attend the next reunion, I'll ask him, and get back with you. You started awfully young, didn't you? First year, most kids are just learning to walk and talk a little. JoAnne "now we know why you're so tired of guard duty" Schmitz. Suits required at Senior "Pool" due to visibility. I suspect that while "Homophobia" may have been no less prevalent, the customs, traditions and precedents of local culturen outweighed societal concerns.

com The Largest Usenet Servers in the World! Andrea "Although co-ed showers would have made boot camp more interesting" Jones. I went to Camp Cloudmont, a summer camp near Mentone AL mostly populated by Miami boys, in the summer of The lake swimming area there was suits optional. A cousin in Connecticut who worked as a counselor at similar camps in the Northeast in the late Fifties described the same thing. More }importantly, WHY was it done?

Yes, we swam nude in junior high swim classes. On the high school swim team, however, we wore suits. As to why nothing but idle speculation to offer. I imagine that swimming yard sprints was something of a factor in 'dampening' any arousal Sometimes we were. But real MEN didn't need towels. And this leads to another silly rule: women were required to wear bathing caps; men were not this persisted well into the time when some women were wearing very short hair and some men went shoulder-length r - "I may not know much about art, but I know what they tell me I'm supposed to like.

Without a doubt. And "real" women need two - one for body, one for hair. Guys - I know this might not make sense to any of you, but believe me, it's a "girl" thing. We swam nude at my high school Chicago Public Schools, My father, who attended the same school, said they swam nude in his day, too. Who knows? Probably some male bonding thing. Anyway, it beat having to wear trunks, but, then, I was an inveterate skinny-dipper at the time.

Or so I hear I can attest to the practice from Lake View High School, Chicago, forty years ago. The legendary part was the story that blocks of ice were left to melt in the pool overnight, for the entertainment of the a. Indeed, and I would suspect that talk of threads clogging the drain are just an excuse not to give up the perfectly natural and virtuously heathenish practice too soon. Another thought: Didn't the ancient Greek and Roman atheletes swim in the nude?

Could it have just been simple copying? My fifty-something uncle from rural North-West Pennsylvania swears that when he was a youth, there were "always" circle-jerks in the weight room of the local YMCA; that "everyone" knew about it I wonder if "everyone" really means just the menfolk ; that nobody thought there was anything "gay" about it. I have heard similar stories from other older guys, one of them saying he was peer-pressured to join in on the grounds that the other guys would say he was "sissy" in he didn't.

Nathan "and anyone who objects is obviously a commiepinkofag" Miller. communal "bathrooms"? There's this one film atleast 'Full Metal Jacket' that has a communal "bathroom" in one of the graphic scenes allright, much resembling what we had when I was in the Finnish army barracks designed in not to mention the washbasins which resembled a round feeding-through.

Even though they claim that cold makes you stiff, it has quite the opposite effect on the male member. If you get any Rowan Atkinson tv-flicks with him as "Mr Bean" there is the one scene where he manages to loose his trunks he's wearing those golf shorts 'merkins call swimming suits vs.

the sausage covers the yurpeens use, apparently to enhance the humor And of course getting up butt naked out of the pool the girl's swimming team is just getting in. Apparently an old joke. Well, now remembering this, my dad has a pair of swimming trunks from the 's he adamantly used, which did not fit too well. I have been witnessing him and a few other elder gentlemen managing to twist their trunks in the manner that when they sit down they "let it all hang out".

Ours were shades of blue and aqua - color-coded for size. Yes, they were quite unflattering. Being as self-conscious as the next teen-age girl during those year, I used to wear two - one my size, and one the next bigger size over it. This was not an uncommon practice.

Uh, I suggest we not go down the road of what the ancient Greeks, especially, did while nude Hmmmm, this is interesting. You know, a la "I walked to school, five miles, uphill both ways, through three feet of snow Yeah, the group showers in junior high were lots of fun. It was like a conveyer belt where you went in on one end and then out the other. But you always had to watch-out for that wise-guy on the end taking a pee.

Anybody walking into the stream would get laughed at vigorously. I went to bootcamp in Orlando, and there were rumors about the girls smuggling bananas out of the galley in their purses. Any voracity to that, or was that just a rumor started by the guys. jerry "yes, but the co-ed shower scene in 'Starship Troopers' was surreal" G - this little moment, brief as it may be- it need not be long, for it is a leap.

Soren Kierkegaard. You don't have to go that far back. You can still find communal showers adjoining the pool in perfectly respectable german hotels, although suits are worn in the pool. I remember being very puzzled at a swimming pool in Texas mids where a sign in the boys' locker room said that trunks must be kept on in the shower. I was used to the exact opposite in Norway: showering 'properly' was mandatory before entering the pool.

I'm still not quite sure what the texan rule was supposed to achieve. no "Multiple exclamation marks," he went on, shaking his head,"are a sure sign of a diseased mind. To the degree they swam as a sport, I would assume so, since they ran, wrestled, threw etc. in the nude. But then there were only male spectators.

no The purpose was to wash the trunks, too, before they entered the pool. Vale, Rip - Multiplication is not commutative before breakfast.

Richard I. Pelletier NB eddress: r i p 1 [at] h o m e [dot] c o m. Or more logically, what would be the POINT of trunks? We are talking about a group of males only, that presumably would shower together that same day anyway.

Naked boys swim team

One possibility is you misunderstood the situation. Communal single-sex showers are common enough that a friend of mine a babyfaced Lutheran minister, just to make it more amusing was buck nekkid and showering away happily in one after his swim.

Unfortunately, he'd been misled by a vestigial urinal-this was in fact the suit-on coed shower area, as he discovered when a bevy of young lovelies demurely clad in Speedos happened upon him.

Other University of Chicago types here may well know which shower area I speak of-it's the one for the pool at Bartlett. That urinal makes things mighty confusing. Deborah Stevenson stev Reminds me of a bar toilet in France, the urinal on the left, the 'cabinet' on the right and a mirror, tap and washbin in the middle.

Well, I say it requires some gall to answer 'ca va' and try to avoid squirting into your eye when a lady emerged from the cabinet happily going 'ca va? In short, if we smuggled a banana out of the galley, it was because we wanted to eat it right before PT which unfortunately occured before breakfast. Andrea "I was an accomplished cookie smuggler" Jones.

FWIW, I've been out of high school for a relatively short time hi. I'm young. I apologize. and nobody, male or female, EVER used the showers after gym class at my high school or middle school, and those my age that I've talked to have said the same about their HS's.

I wasn't involved in extra-curricular sports, so I can't vouch for that. We just doubled up on the Secret. I can't venture a guess why this is, that many of my generation prefered to stink rather than be nude in front of others.

well, I do have a guess. We weren't given enough time to shower after class, much less to relacquer our hair. But modesty could have played a part. We did master putting on one shirt and removing the other without ever being shirtless, after all. Thus, my generation is not accustomed to community bathing. Erin "class of 96, class of 00" m. That's " John "you youngins don't know how easy you've got it, by cracky" Opalko. When I was at Penn State Univ.

in the late 70's, my dorm building was originally built as temporary housing for WWII vets who were taking advantage of the GI Bill. There were maybe eight one story buildings, and they alternated by sex, a man's dorm, then a woman's.

All the buildings were alike, with one big bathroom that had a long trough-like Urinal.

We used to do handwashing of underwear, etc in it. Woe to the guy who wouldn't take his lazy ass 50 feet to a man's bathroom, and instead pissed in our urinal! On another note, nearly 40 years ago, some of the girls at Panhandle State College in Goodwell, Oklahoma were wondering why their swimsuits were so loose.

They very frequently had to pull their tops back up after diving in. It turned out that the men's swim team were playing around during some of their night swims and wearing the swimsuits from the women's locker room instead of their own. Eric Johnson. For those who would try to determine when this change happened, my experience is as follows: In junior high showering in PE class was routine and universal.

In 9th grade I had no PE class. That's not extraordinary; it's just common sense. I grew up in Alaska.

Travel Story: Very Naked Swimming Team. Published on by LostViivi. My three weeks of traveling around eastern Europe are unfortunately over and I'm ready to share the first story from my trip. This story is about odd roommates I had during the last night I spend in Bratislava: men's swimming team with a habit of Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins I grew up in Detroit Michigan and nude swimming was required at the public schools for boys only. The boys swim classes were always nude since the late 's. During the early 's the boys wore swim suits only for the swim meets. So 99of the time, the classes and the swim practices were nude and no swim suit allowed Hot naked guys on the swim team getting physicals gay xxx I got Brendon Like Dislike Close. 4 years ago. 60Young swim suit gay twinks As he continued he embarked to grope my Like Dislike Close. 3 years ago. Twink teen boys swimming team

In elementary school we often brought our plastic sleds to school for use during recess. Walking to and from school I would frequently plot my backpack on the sled and drag it along.

Mark D "and during the winter I walked over a small lake" Lew. No, it's a length thing. When I had long hair, I needed two towels.

Now that I'm short again I'm fine with just one. There was a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the trend away from showering at school, by both males and females.

can read about

The article said that many gym showers in schools in the Philadelphia area were rarely, if ever, used. The article gave many of the same explanations for the trend, but noted that wrestlers still tended to shower, probably because they are less modest about their bodies and more concerned about sweat and diseases from other wrestlers and the wrestling mats.

hahahaha - pretty good, John. I had never heard THAT version. But, did I tell you about the time TRUE STORY that I was walking to school on snowy winter day In typical teen-age girl fashion, I did not want to wear my boots, so was wearing my shoes, but carrying my boots just in case.

This worked pretty well, in that the roads, driveways, and sidewalks were well-plowed, creating those lovely slush-covered banks of snow along the edges.

At one point, I had to cross over one such bank.

Metea Valley Sectional, Boys Diving // 02.17.18

My foot encountered a soft spot, and in went my leg, up to the thigh. When I pulled my leg out, naturally the shoe stayed behind, in the snow. I gave the shoe up for lost, put on my boots, and went on to school. The next spring, while walking by the same spot, I saw the shoe, floating in a puddle produced from the spring thaw! WHICH answers at least part of the question of where those single shoes one sees along the road come from.

regret, that can

It wasn't exactly on the highway, tho - it was in the driveway behind the maintenance building. In direct reply to your post, in my experience here in Australia people are more modest than the characters in your message.

where you

Growing up in central NY state was not quite as frigid as Alaska, I am sure. Yeah, at times, we would walk out on the bay, or shake there. I even used to see people drive out for ice fishing. HOWEVER, we were cautioned strenuously about this practice by all adults - falling thru the ice being a real danger, a la George's brother, Harry, in It's a Wonderful Life.

I have no first-hand knowledge of this happening to anyone out on the bay, or anyone drowning or freezing from same. I did fall through the ice of a shallow pool along shore once - MAN, was that cold! It's just so hard for me to imagine so much ice and stuff! I have never lived anywhere and seen. Are you sure that's why they were staring? Assuming you are not Asian and male, perhaps non-Asian men are better endowed than Asian men.

I do not know this from personal, or even second-hand experience, and no offense at all to Asian men - just letting my mind wander Not so in Sparta old chap, the girls got to play as well as watch. Paul "not that beach volleyball was around at the time" Sweeney. the Asian stereotype of a Caucasian is not the converse tall, pale, big-eyed?

of the Euro-Northamerican stereotype of an Asian the image is of someone with a really big NOSE, and covered with hair from neck to knees r - "God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference oh, and a pony!

In my Pittsburgh grade school we were given out suits for swimming as were the girls. One reason was that there was only one set of doors between a "public" area and the pool. When I attending an all boys school in Washington, DC they didn't supply suits and the students were not permitted to bring their own.

As indicated elsewhere, this reduced the burden on the pool cleaning system. We were expected to shower carefully before and after using the pool. The instructor did wear a suit. The time frame was the mid 50's. That's nothing! When I was a kid I had to get up off the couch and walk all the way across the room to change the TV channel or adjust the sound in 3 feet of snow with no shoes The World's only preserved Heavy Cruiser, Quincy, MASS.

html Remove OutSpammedDot from my e-mail address when replying directly. Any e-mail sent from Hotmail. com is deleted without being read.

final, sorry

well, could be just that westerners are not regarded too clean, you know they have no manners at all, imagine now thy sneeze in a paper and then put it in their pockets - yecch And the writer did forget to mention if he had tattoos Okay, my Jr. High grades P. class of ''85 certainly didn't shower. We only had five or ten minutes between bells to change.

I didn't take P. Chris Webb. What part of western NY, in particular, does your boss hail from? Just curious net says There was a small scandal at my single-sex, downmarket fee-paying school shortly before I went there in One of the teachers had started running Saturday morning swimming sessions in the school pool.

Open to all boys, free of charge, only one condition: no trunks. The governors weren't best pleased when they found out. You had multiple channels? com [to foil spammers, my address has been double rot encoded]. My brother attended an all-male catholic high school in the early 70s.

I remember him complaining to me when I was little that they insisted that everyone swim nude. There are no urinals, just stalls, and, in the URH[2] tradition, the shower stalls are about as private as the main gates.

While this leads to little confusion, it does lead to wonderful stories from friends who have resided there. Similarly, all the bathrooms in the suite-style dormitories EC[2] is one lack urinals. Note to Ms. Robbins: Avoid Wien at all costs. I'm not kidding. If you think JJ8[2,3] is bad, you have NO idea. Sensory deprivation kicks ass! In my physical education years '87 to '94 there were several reasons that we did not shower.

I was in Southern California and there was a pretty good water shortage going on at the time, the lack of time, the risk of disease, mold, fungus, and somebody slipping and sueing the school, and the most important, lack of funds to maintain the showers. Many of us were glad that we did not have to shower in front of each other, but we were not allowed to so were never presented with the choice.

Don't be so sure. This was in Anchorage, where the temperature rarely goes below zero F. In December and January, temperatures are typically lower in Chicago, Minnesota, etc, than in Anchorage.

The main significance of Alaska winters is not that they're colder, but that they last so much longer. You could expect snow on the ground from about Halloween through Easter.

On the first few days you'd stay off, of course, but after the temperature had been below freezing for more than a few days it was never a concern. The particular lake that we crossed every day was only about the size of a city block, with little circulation and not very deep, so a week into winter you could figure the whole thing was solid.

When spring came, it would usually melt from the top down. Sometimes, there would be a few inches of water on the surface but you could still walk on it because it was still solid below. This is beginning to sound like a Simpsons episode The biker chick with a kick starter on her vibrator.

Both Junior High School and Senior High School In Orlando, Florida, 's had communal showers in both the boys' locker rooms and the girls' locker rooms. My wife reports the same situation where she went to school in Gainesville, FL.

Years earlier, when I belonged to the YMCA, we used to swim naked in the pool after gym. Also same deal at summer camp Camp Washington, nr Schooley's Mt, New Jerseyswim naked in the morning, wear suits in the afternoon when ladies might be present. Charles "And some rin up hill and down dale, knapping the chucky stanes to pieces wi' hammers, like sae mony road-makers run daft - they say it is to see how the warld was made! WOW, is this outfit so dominated by old fogies that people have to apologize for youth?

Seniority - the fairest form of privilege, because all you have to do is hang on long enough. But I digress. So, old Brick Johnson was right. I always thought so. A laudable policy, and there's no need to tell the unpleasant tale of one down-side to it, except to mention that homosexuality was not involved. Brick would assure us occasionally that the Girls avoided taking showers because [delivered in scornful mincing tones] they didn't want to mess up their hair.

Think, that naked boys swim team sorry, that has

He made it clear that Men, or those aspiring to be, didn't have such concerns. Those were the days.

In the lesser grades, what is now middle school, there were people who weren't really sure what he meant when, in his drill-sergeant mode, he referred to the whole class as a bunch of pansies. Those boys were literally sitting in front of my bed so, me trying to watch a movie there would have been more than awkward. They were walking to the hostel showers and back using only small towels.

They also showered together in the small shower stalls. There was a lot of screaming and laughing coming from the shower rooms. This is also the point where I decided that they must be swimming team or in fact, my friend suggested so. Meaning that all the beds next to and above of mine were taken by them.

There was also one Australian girl sharing the hostel room with us. She had opened the door to our hell or heaven? The girl just stood there, like I had, staring inside not knowing what to do.

After finally going inside she came out of the room even faster than I had.

W ith the scandalized look, she sat next to me and neither of us knew what to say. Two female travelers too afraid to use their own room because of some half-naked dudes.

Not absolutely naked boys swim team with you

After we ended up laughing too much for the situation we were stuck in aka the best travel story ever to blog about! she left back to see the city while I continued eating. We were totally in trouble with our new hostel roommates. I had time to watch one full movie on Netflix before the swimming team left our room fully dressed looking like they were going to bar.

In my particular graduating class, the knowledge of the boys swimming nude was especially well-known due to an incident, which was so memorable that it was specially mentioned by the M-C at our year reunion. One of the male members of the swim team was planning on doing some extra swimming during a free period he had one day

For a few hours, I was able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Then the hell broke again. The boys were back. And so was the chaos. For some reason, a few of them went back to the showers and the rest of them jumped around my bed.

In the end, I decided to escape the awkward moments by playing dead. It may sound stupid but playing dead is the best way to escape any situation for those who live a lot in hostels or travel around the world. Just face the wall and close your eyes.

Maybe even put headphones on. Heaven or hell for a female solo traveler? I will let you decide. For a moment I considered asking them to let me sleep but it would have been too embarrassing. So, I turned to face the wall and put my lifesaving headphones on. Why do I always get the odd ones to room with?

Maybe I should write another post full of small stories about my hostel roommates? Would anyone be interested in reading that? Like always all comments are more than welcome and thanks to everyone who has waited patiently even if I have been depressingly inactive lately. This is hilarious! You must do more stories and keep us all posted on these crazy experiences of yours xD.

Valuable information naked boys swim team not so

Like Liked by 1 person. Hahaha poor you!! I love Bratislava. yes playing dead does come in handy sometimes.

casually, not

I hope I can return to Bratislava as soon as possible. It was really beautiful and interesting. Playing dead is my coping mechanism ?? Thanks for commenting! Like Like. All good hostel stories start with some odd roommates!

I laughed so much while reading your post. The best hostel stories are usually about odd roommates. I am happy that I made at least someone to laugh. Thank you for commenting ??. Hahahahahaha, ohlala, a feast for the eyes! You should have just taken photos of all of themthey might very well be up for it toohahahahaha I can understand the awkwardness though, I imagine I would have been the same wayhaha.

Well they might have been happy to pose for my photos but that would have made my awkward feelings even more awkward ?? but at least it was fun experience to share with everyone now after it is over ??. It was crazy. I need someone who is part of swimming team to tell me if it is normal or if those boys just were strange! At least I got fun memory ??. Thanks for commenting ??. Can I come with?

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I will slit your throat. It was fun but a little strange at first. Oh shoot heheh.

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