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Year in, year out, they can be counted on to deliver the goods. The golden royal standards, if you will. So, while Prince William 's rugged rogue of a little brother is no stranger to a hidden camera lens or the unflattering pen of a tabloid journalist to be fair, they've had ample time to hone their crafts thanks to Harry's nearly annual anticsbut his lost weekend in Las Vegas has proven almost too much for even them to bear.

A new documentary is under production after filmmaker Geoff Story made a unique discovery at an estate sale in St. Louis, Missouri, according to St. Louis Public Radio. Decades-old home movies show Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins When they have pool parties, all the kids - including Jamie, 14, and her year-old sister, Renee - wear suits, but the adults are buck naked. When they dance into the night, they bounce all Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Neighbor encourages boys to swim nude at pool party. Friday Aug 15, at AM Jan 13, at AM. DEAR ANNIE A FEW WEEKS AGO, OUR Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

Harry, on the other hand, had no such problems baring all. So, let's take a look back at how the naked truth about Harry became public fodder. Check out Prince Harry's five biggest royal scandals.

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Harry checks into the Wynn Encore Tower ahead of the night that will live in infamy. Though the world won't know it for a few days yet The royal kicks off the boys' weekend he had about six or seven hangers-on in tow dancing, joking and drinking.

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Counted among the other klieg light-worthy attendees: Jennifer Lopezthough by all reports, the famous pair never crossed paths. He does, however, cross paths with a bachelorette party of course he di and two of the revelers, Lauren and Monica Martirano, tell Inside Edition that the prince was a "gentleman.

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This story can't be topped. Later that night, he hits up another pool party, this time for a little more harmless fun.

52 Photos of Pool Boys Mostly Skinny-Dipping by Terry Hastings. By Terry Hastings Photography. Celebrate the pool parties of Southern California with these gorgeous painterly abstractions by Terry Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins Aug. 18, Prince Harry is first spotted in Sin City, getting his feet wet at a star-studded pool party held at MGM Grand's Wet Republic. The royal kicks off the boys' weekend (he had about six Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins Swimfan Danger is a crucial component to any good pool scene, and this sultry moment from the teen's answer to Fatal Attraction definitely packs it in. Erica Christensen's unhinged Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins

While at the Wynn Hotel's XS nightclub, he meets up with none other than Olympian Ryan Lochte. And seeing as how it was 2 a. and Harry is no doubt feeling slightly, um, emboldened, he takes it upon himself to challenge the gold medalist to an impromptu swimming race.

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Check out five more naked celebrity scandals. Speaking later in the week, Lochte recounts his version of events on the Today show, saying that the duo-then both fully clothed, he stressed- went their separate ways after their duel in the pool.

Though that wasn't the end of Harry's night, as the world now knows. Cue worldwide giddiness.

The photos show Harry completely naked, but for one modest hand over, well, thatduring a game of strip billiards. Which, judging by the state of his clothes-eschewing self, is not his game.

You can keep track of yourself. That's true.

She can, as she proves in Jessica Anya Blau's new novel, The Summer of Naked Swim Parties. It just never occurs to Allen and Betty that's not the way Jamie would have it:. There was nothing internal in either of her parents, no alarms or bells or buzzing, that alerted them to the panic their younger daughter felt periodically, like she was an astronaut untethered from the mother ship - floating without any boundaries against which she could bounce back to home.

Untethered, then, Jamie wades into the deep end of that bicentennial summer, her self-absorbed friends, Tammy and Debbie in tow, experimenting with Flip and dealing with a lot of other things that don't come with instructions.

Aura readings, for example. Flip and his buddies' obsession with Betty's breasts, and her mom's obsession with her fledging sex life.

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The arrival of that doggone trampoline. And Dog Feather, of course. Dog Feather is a Pomo Indian.

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Allen and Betty bring Dog Feather home from Yosemite one weekend and it isn't too long before you can add his name to the list of guys at the party house infatuated with Jamie's mom. Me, I'm infatuated with Jamie, or at least the way Jessica Anya Blau slowly defines her great, big heart and expanding consciousness.

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Blau takes the most embarrassing epiphanies of that fateful summer and writes about them with such subtle candor that it makes the readers' legs buckle, much as Jamie's do one summer night out past the eucalyptus trees:.

And then, in an instant, Jamie understood why sex was such a big deal; why it made marriages and broke them up again; why most graffiti in public bathrooms was about sex; why Dog Feather read Jugs and loved Betty's breasts; why Allen loved Betty; why Leon hung around the house like a mosquito you couldn't pin down long enough to catch; why Tammy and Debbie thought they were in love; why Flip wanted to do it right then and right there.

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Jamie may be untethered as she floats through. The Summer of Naked Swim Parties.

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