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Before you agree to replace your brakes, know that this is one of the most common upsells, says Zach Shefska, CEO of Your Auto Advocate. Why brakes? It's simple, he says: "No one wants to be driving along in a vehicle that has bad brakes!

But if you're not on friendly terms with the mechanic or this is your first time using a particular repair shop, don't be too surprised when they suggest you need new brake pads. Shefska and his dad, who founded the company with him, say this is the most frequently targeted upsell, because most customers will simply say, "OK.

These 13 ways you're shortening the life of your car.

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Charging consumers for multiple jobs being done at the same time is a common scam that could cost you extra money when getting your vehicle serviced. For example, says Peter Mann from SC Vehicle Hire, car mechanics typically replace spark plugs and coils at the same time because you need to take out the coils to remove the spark plugs.

However, unscrupulous mechanics may double-charge you for the number of hours to do this work. To avoid being overcharged, read up about your car and how it works, and ask your mechanic questions before and after getting service. Knowing more about your vehicle is also important so you don't accidentally waste money on your car.

Scam alert! Learn the car maintenance basics everyone should know. A good deal of the unnecessary upselling that happens in repair shops involves transmission, coolant, and power steering fluid flushes, says Audi technician Oscar Verduga. Check out this handy cheat sheet for which car repairs you need according to your mileage.

There's no harm in saying yes to the free car wash, right?

Wrong, says James Ford of Autobead. Before agreeing to this service, check the cleaning area. Any of these mistakes may cause your car to be returned with scratches and swirl marks, and then you could be talked into repairing the damage they caused during your freebie.

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Here's more about why you may never want to go to another car wash again. Beware of bogus repair-cost quotes when you drop your vehicle off for service. Michael Hammelburger, CEO of the Bottom Line Group, says that repair shops will often give a car owner an initial repair quote that's on the cheap side, which gets the consumer to green light the service. compared to the quoted cost.

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FYI, these are the car brands that cost the least to repair. This is an extremely common one, as most people don't have any idea how much parts cost and where to order them, says Michael Lowe, CEO of Car Passionate.

Let's say you went ahead and agreed to let the mechanic buy and replace the parts. You could be in for an added surprise: "You may find that the parts weren't even replaced in the first place, because in truth, they didn't need to be," says Lowe.

Alternatively, a mechanic may replace the parts, which are expensive when bought new, with used or aftermarket parts that are also damaged. As a result, you may end up returning to the shop a week later with the same issue-and more repair bills. Avoid this by servicing your vehicle at a certified mechanic with a good reputation. Check out these 30 things your car mechanic won't tell you. Even if you know nothing about cars, you've likely heard the term timi ng belt.

This part should be changed every 50, to 60, miles or every five to six years, not more often than that, says Lowe. So, if your mechanic suggests a new timing belt, ask questions about why it is needed ahead of schedule. This belt wears out over time, and if not fixed, it can damage your car's engine and related parts, ultimately creating more problems. Still, don't be scammed into thinking you need frequent replacements because you don't.

Of course, we all want to keep our transmissions humming along. The good news is that unless there's a visible problem, yours is probably fine. The post 80 Dad Jokes That Are Actually Pretty Funny appeared first on Reader's Digest.

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Powerful Kuwaiti royal convicted in Swiss forgery case. Ad Microsoft. Refi Rates at 1. Do you qualify? Full screen. Don't be fooled "Auto repairs are like a doctor's diagnosis-a second opinion is something that should always be sought out," wisely notes Ray Shefska of Your Auto Advocate.

Cabin filter replacement Sure, cabin filters are necessary, but they're not usually among the most urgent repairs your car needs, notes automotive educator Chaya M. New tires Believe it or not, not all flat tires need to be replaced.

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